The Fault in Our Stars (film)


It was a wild ride from start to finish. Today is Ken’s birthday, so we wanted to do something special, but not too special, because Ken isn’t one for celebrations—he’d much prefer staying at home, locked up in his room playing video games. I decided to exploit his special day by suggesting a trip to the movies, so we checked what was showing, and LO AND BEHOLD! One theater in Taipei was showing The Fault in Our Stars!

Now let me tell you, I’ve been dying to see this film, but also a bit anxious, because I didn’t want it to taint the impression I got from reading the book. During my senior trip, my friends and I were planning to watch TFIOS in Hong Kong, assuming that it was already showing there, but unfortunately we were disappointed. Over the summer, I kept seeing friends posting pictures of their TFIOS movie tickets from the USA or Singapore, and I was so jealous!

Anyways, you could imagine my excitement when I saw that today was the second day of the TFIOS showing in Taipei, and that there was only one showing today at 6:30PM, and that there were still twenty seats left! I also had the worst Internet connection ever. I kept trying and trying and trying to book the movie tickets online, but it was so slow. My heart raced as each time I refreshed the page, the number of available seats kept dwindling. By the time we booked our five seats (my two cousins, my brother, my dad, and me), there were only three available seats left. The seats we got were terrible—four seats in the center of the first row, and one seat somewhere random—but we got seats, and that’s all that matters!

I read the book and felt all the feels before, but they resurfaced as I watched this film. Read on for pictures, posters, GIFs, quotes, to see me freak out, and to freak out with me!

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the fault in our stars dream cast to me


Elizabeth Olsen (23), Anna Kendrick (27), Brie Larson (23), Dakota Blue Richards (18), and of course Ellen Page (26).



Daniel Sharman (26), Beau Mirchoff (23), David Henrie (23), sterling knight (23)



Angus T. Jones (19), hunter parish (25), Keir Gilchrist (20)



Megan Park, zosia mamet


Peter van houten:

Phillip seymour hoffman, robin williams, brian Cranston, john cleese


Lidewij Vliegenthart:

 Alexandra Breckenridg,


patton oswald, jay baruchel, justin bartha


Mrs waters:

evangeline lilly, hope davis, Melissa george


Mr. waters:

Rob lowe, eli roth


mrs lancaster:

Julia sweeny, tea lioni, Naomi watts


mr lancaster:

clark gregg, Michael wheatherly, david schimmer, scot adsit



selena gomez, Chloe Moretz



AnnaSophia Robb, Emma Roberts


Dr maria:

Carla Gugino