oh my god one of my friends who hasn’t been online in like a year saying “GUESS WHO’S BACK FUCKER” as soon as I got online and then another one of him said GUESS WHO’S BACK FUCKER and another and another and 8 in total and they had the same avatar and I got so fucking disorientated god damn it you guys don’t do this to me

  • Stupid Lovelorn Love Song 2k15

I started writing a new song. This is just the rough vocal demo idea i’m rolling with.  Gotta get my guitar out and start riffing around next. 


Familiar tones

wafte through the air
No longer alone
or so full of dispair
memories like lightening
her smile, her touch
he strums the guitar
she’s gone, it’s been months
you were in my grasp
so close.
A mis step, a mudslide
you fled from my side
and now I sit here alone with your shadow.
And though my self hate has drowned out any hope
i’m brought back to that time by these notes
old CD’s and LP’s, from boxes buried long ago
acoustic, nostalgic, resurgence of feelings unknown

I’ve got stockholm syndrome
and my jailer is regret.
Memories hold me at gun point
but also shelter me and keep me fed.
I’m jailed in my heart,
locked inside my brain.
I’d shed a tear but I can’t
I’ve become pain.

Moot retired, The3Eds and all its content is down and gone forever, the vast majority of the krew is in college, only a select few of us are bound to succeed (my compatriots in failure know who they are), yet another beloved minecraft server was collectively abandoned overnight, and we’re still growing old. It’s not all over, but it is all ending and there’s barely fucking anything any of us can do about it.