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A thought struck me earlier and left me curious - who are your *points at the two of you* favorite characters who share either your MBTI or Enneagram (or hell, both, if they exist) type?

ENTP Mod: my favourite ENTP has got to be Augustus Waters. He is just so fantastic, and his thought process is the closest I have ever come to, in terms of describing my own. It felt so surreal to see the way I think put down in words by someone who doesn’t know me. That’s the beauty of books though, isn’t it? They sneakily pull the carpet out from under you and have you falling for them. Apart from this guy, I have two others who I really liked. Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas (I could relate to his whole well intentioned schemes for his loved ones blowing up in his face aspect, lol!) and the other is August Booth from Once Upon A Time. That guy, apart from a penchant for writing covers two of my tritype numbers, and shares MBTI type with me. Enneagram wise - The above mentioned August Booth. There are loads of type 7 ENTPs IRL and in fiction. Hard to pick one. Flynn Rider is a good one, also. My IRL pick would be the former late night talk show host, Craig Ferguson.

ENFP Mod: my favorite ENFP character is Chloe Sullivan from Smallville, in part because we are so much alike. We are both writers, we’re both questioners, we both distrust and pull away from people but are super loyal to our friends (once we decide to commit), we both work for magazines, we both have sarcasm coming out our ears, we’re both outspoken but also kind, and pull away from people to avoid being hurt. It’s enough of a similarity my friends all remarked on our similarities when the show was airing. I’m not sure what her Enneagram type is, she could have a 6w5 like yours truly  (I’d love to find out, maybe a summer-rewatch is coming?). She’s bolder and more reckless than I am, though…

Since I am a core 6 (and resigned myself to admitting it, again :P), my favorite 6-core ENFP is Veronica Mars. Sassy, smart-assy and distrusting, she has a zinger for every occasion and loves to solve crimes (and earn $$ while she’s at it). Major difference? She’s emotional, I’m… kinda yeah and kinda not; still but deep waters with me, she shows her feelings more…

  • me: i have nothing to read
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before people sneer out their butts when john green’s new book “turtles all the way down” comes out, allow me to remind u 1.john’s work has always been written for teens. don’t rip into teens for reading fiction that was written for them and not necessarily u, also tatwd centers on a young girl living with ocd (a protagonist i kno my ocd ass would’ve benefited from a lot as a teen). 2. before u jump on john for romanticizing ocd, keep in mind he has always been open about his struggles with severe ocd and 3. his work has always centered on the idea of dismantling the way society romanticizes the suffering of young people vs. the way their suffering is actually treated by those around them and how this suffering twists the lives of those around us whether we like it or not. maybe that’s not your interpretation and that’s okay but if ur not a fan of john green’s work, don’t be an ass to the people who are