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Olivia Steele | Sophomore | FC: Demi Lovato | TAKEN
Monetary Status: Rich | Relationship Status: Single 

“I want you and I want you bad, let’s keep this party going all night long.“

Olivia Steele is a sophomore and a rising starlet at Whitsey Manor.  At her prime, Olivia is driven, talented, and most of all reeks of appeal from all spectrums of being an entertainer that’s needed to gain a broad audience. You will often catch her walking up and down the dunes of Miami beach, her sunglasses shielding her eyes sun shine or not, with her ipod headphones visible, silently singing along to what ever track interests her. Entering every talent show that Miami has to offer, Olivia is used to coffee shop shows and exhausting whatever she can in getting some time in the recording studio. With potential producers asking her left and right whether or not she’d like to be signed to them, Olivia holds back and contemplates the offer, wondering if she really is cut out for the lime light.

Never stopping herself in exploring her vocal range, Olivia has other exploration that she does behind closed doors, and it heavily deals with the human anatomy. When she craves it, she needs it and will stop at nothing to get it when the hormones rage and kick in.  As a vivacious, passionate girl, she has the face of a angel but the bedroom manners of a dominatrix. She’ll leave you wanting more. But even with her constant need and addiction for sex, Olivia craves the affection due to suffering from depression due to abandonment issues, verbal abuse, and, body dysmorphia. 


Juliette Snow | Age: 19 | Straight | Sophomore 
Vice: Chastity | FC: Taylor Swift | TAKEN


Juliette was born the youngest child in a family with eight children. Hector and LeAnn Snow were convinced that they were destined to have nothing but sons when seven of them were born, one after the other- Brian, Eric, Jeremy, Ian, Shane, Liam, and Sam. That was why, when LeAnn found out that she was pregnant for the eighth time, Hector went out and got himself a vasectomy. No more sons for the two of them, they agreed.

Luckily, their final child was a little girl. LeAnn was ecstatic; she knew that her pride and joy, her little baby Juliette, would be protected and loved by her seven brothers. That was exactly what happened. Although her brothers ranged a lot in ages, personalities, and interests, each one’s number one priority was their baby sister. As a little girl, Juliette thought that having seven brothers was the best thing in the whole wide world.

Of course, as she got older, Juliette began to realize that having seven brothers made dating extremely difficult. Any guy who hadn’t met her brothers by some chance was scared away the moment that he came to pick her up for a date. Juliette even ended up taking her brother Sam to the prom with her because the seven never approved any of the boys that she brought home as potential candidates.

Still, any boy that made Juliette cry was taught a very clear lesson by her seven brothers. They protected everything from her heart to her purity, and she’s still grateful for every single one of them. As a consequence of their actions, though, Juliette now has no idea how to talk to boys. She knows almost nothing about sex and has never gone farther than very innocent kisses on the cheek. She’s adamant about maintaining her virginity until marriage, and her brothers are just fine with that- according to them, she’s not allowed to get married until she’s thirty, anyway. That’s one of the points they disagree on.

Juliette talks to each of her brothers every day, but she’s trying to branch out and make more friends here at Chrysanthos- even male friends. Just don’t tell her brothers.

Juliette is also a true Southern Belle; growing up in Charleston ensured that. Her mother raised her to be polite and ladylike, and she prides herself on her modesty.

Connections & Relationships

  • Phoebe Maddox, mentor. Ever since Juliette arrived at Chrysanthos University, Phoebe has been like the older sister that she never had. She follows Phoebe’s example in just about everything and always asks her advice before making any kind of decision. She can often be found tagging along behind Phoebe wherever she goes.
  • Jack Calhoun, Juliette’s very first male friend. He’s always nice to her and he doesn’t get upset when she feels awkward or nervous about talking to a guy who isn’t one of her brothers. She definitely feels that he understands her, and she loves spending time with him.
  • Austin Malone, acquaintance. Juliette is definitely intimidated by Austin. Not only is he in the Luxuria house, a house that she’s been forbidden to socialize with, he’s a guy. And not only is he a guy, but he’s also an attractive guy, and a guy who knows how attractive he is. He knows how to get girls to fall at his feet, and Juliette is determined not to fall under his spell. Still, when he flashes her that smile when he passes by her on campus… 

What does she think about the sorority choice she’s been placed in?

Juliette knew as soon as she submitted her application that she would be placed into Chastitas house. She prides herself on her morals and values, and she prides herself on her modesty and chastity. Besides, even if she didn’t, her brothers would take pride in them for her. Being chaste has always been important to Juliette. She’s never known any different.

I’m excited about the next TALES (from Fashion City) comic… it will be entitled “Solo Mission” and will probably be cut up into 6 continuing parts… I’m finally going to introduce several characters I have been waiting to introduce…

Fashion City is expanding we will be seeing more Villains and more Supers (or heroes) as well as civilians <3

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First outing on the River

Hele bridge (River Tone, Taunton)
Water temp: 10deg C
Wind : northerly
Outside temp 12 deg C
Feels like : 10 deg C
Wind : gust 22 kph
Pressure : 1022 steady slow rise
Conditions : Sunny spells
River condition: Clear and normal levels .
No Hatch visible and very very few fish rising

Very hard going today , blustery conditions met with cold water temperature . A few takes on the dry (LDO,s) more promising results on Tungsten Amber bead head . No sign of Brown Trout.


Josephine McIntyre | Age: 21 | Straight | Junior 
Vice: Wrath | FC: Jennifer Lawrence | TAKEN


Josephine McIntyre was born the only child of two wealthy socialites. Barbara McIntyre never wanted to be a mommy. She never wanted children mucking up her pristine house, she never wanted the type of body that pregnancy would render her with, and she certainly never wanted to comfort a crying child. However, when she became pregnant, her husband, Lyle, was ecstatic. He convinced her that having a baby would be wonderful, and so she went on with the pregnancy. At least, that was the story that Hollie had always been told.

Raising Josephine proved to be easier on Barbara than she’d thought. Of course, the help of a wet nurse and multiple live-in nannies certainly helped. Josie came to know her mother as a cold woman who couldn’t be bothered with scraped knees, nightmares, or later, even broken hearts. As she got older, Josie’s nannies dwindled until she only had one- Zoey. Zoey was a young woman, only fifteen years older than Hollie herself, but she’d been there as long as she could remember.

Whenever Zoey couldn’t be there for Josie, she could go to her father as long as he wasn’t busy with work. Sometimes, when she was very young, her father would take her places, just the two of them. They would go to the park or the zoo or even the toy store. Josie’s father was her hero, and there was nothing that could change that in her eyes.

When Josie was seventeen years old, she came home from school one afternoon to find her mother, her father, and Zoey all sitting around in the parlor, drinking tea. They all looked rather nervous; nobody was talking or making eye contact with each other, and Zoey was physically shaking. Josie sat down, pouring herself a cup of tea and looking at her family.

“Josephine,” her mother began. Josie took a moment to realize just how old her mother looked. Her father, too, if she really thought about it. Not hat her parents were ancient, but she knew that they were definitely older than some of her friends’ parents. “Josephine, darling. We have something that we need to tell you.”

Josie’s mother had never called her ‘darling’ in her entire life, and that was how she knew that something was really wrong. “Who died?” were the first words out of her mouth, and her father gave a sad chuckle.

“Nobody died, love,” he assured her. “But Zoey does need to  come clean about something very important. We have been waiting until the right time to tell you, and we think that you’re old enough now to know.”

Josie looked into the face of her best friend in the world; the woman who had raised her, who had stepped in where her biological mother had failed, who had been everything that she’d needed and more. What could Zoey possibly have been keeping from her?

“Josephine,” she stammered, her hands shaking and her eyes filling with tears. “Josie, baby, I’m your mother.”

For a moment, Josie was completely silent. Then, she simply stood and walked up to her bedroom, packed a suitcase, and walked out the front door of the house. She would never return.

Josie lived independently, obtaining her GED and getting into Chrysanthos University right on schedule. She is an independent and strong girl, and she refuses to let anything get in her way. She’s still harboring a grudge against her mother and her grandparents for keeping such an important secret from her for so long, and sometimes all of that pent-up anger manifests itself in different ways. Josie can often be found shouting or getting angry for almost no reason at all. She also likes to go running to clear her head.

Connections & Relationships

  • Grace Hatfield, almost like a younger sister. Josie took little Grace under her wing the moment she arrived at Chrysanthos, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Although Grace has a dark side, as do all of the ladies in the Ira house, she has qualities that Josie wishes that she had herself. She hopes that hanging around Grace will eventually make her a better person.
  • Nathan Perry, friend with benefits. Josie met Nathan during her very first English class at Chrysanthos, and there was immediate physical chemistry. They began having little flings and one night stands, and now each knows that they can call the other whenever one is in need of a booty call. Their relationship is rather shallow, and they don’t often have intelligent discussions, but they both know that the other would be there for them if it was necessary.
  • Oliver Massey, acquaintance. Josie has met the sweet, kind Oliver a few times since his arrival on campus, and there’s something about him that she just can’t shake off. She’s not used to people being so sweet and kind to her, and it’s almost unnerving. 

What does she think about the sorority choice she’s been placed in?

Josie was not surprised when she was placed in Ira house. Wrath is the vice that she most identifies with, and it made a lot of sense to her to be placed in this house. She only hopes that being here will help her learn to control her anger a little bit better, and maybe help her learn to forgive the people that she still loves deep in her heart.


Brianna Rush | Age: 19 | Straight | Sophomore
Virtue: Chastity | FC: Demi Lovato | TAKEN


Brianna Louise Rush was the apple of her parents’ eyes when she was born. She was the favorite for quite some time, making her older sister, Lorraine, jealous. Brianna always looked up to Lorraine and never really knew of the jealousy, just thought it was honest sibling rivalry until Brianna’s freshman year of high school.  Her older sister was a senior at the time and sexually active with her boyfriend, leaving a scare-pregnancy test in Brianna’s bathroom, knowing their mom would find it. After that, her mother never treated her the same again. She didn’t trust Brianna and she would degrade her, calling her a slut and other not-so-great words. No,w Brianna is the blacksheep of the family, not to mention word got around school, making her high school years hell and her self-esteem fall below the radar. Brianna keeps on a happy face and is generally okay with life now that she’s moved out to college, but she’s still a virgin, hoping to prove to her family she’s still their little apple. She tends to be naive and gullible, but it’s what most people find adorable about her. Besides her virgin status, she keeps herself in “control” by watching what she eats, and by watching, I mean staring at her friend’s food while she snacks on some gum and fat-free laxative smoothie.

Connections & Relationships

  • Charles Dixon: After he drunkenly spilled his secrets to her one night, Brianna opened her heart to him, offering her secrecy and friendship. It helped the Charles was kind and made Brianna laugh. Those were the types of people she wanted to be surrounded by.
  • Anastasia Foley: Anastasia and Brianna’s friendship branched out in a theater class, though Anastasia was in it to please her family, Brianna found comfort in being someone else for a while.
  • Parker French: At the same party where Charles and Brianna got drunk, Brianna stumbled on to Parker and he was her first college hookup. She hasn’t seen him around much since.

What does she think about the house she’s been placed in?

Brianna thought she would be placed here and was not the least bit surprised. She was thankful it was a personality test and not based on rumors or reputations. If the placement test had any knowledge of her past life, they would have voided her answers and placed her in Lust.