Paramount Pictures/Hasbro: Honor, Peter Cullen - the legendary voice of Optimus Prime for over 30 years - with opportunities to APPEAR in upcoming Transformers f.
Phase 2 of the petition is being done in a positive spirit. Team Bay brought our beloved live-action Transformers to the big screen - Thank you! This petition is simply created to show the world just how much Transformers fans appreciate the legendary voice behind the legendary Optimus Prime character. The world over, Transformers fans can identify with the resonate and seasoned voice of Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime and would welcome seeing the man behind such a BIG voice honored on the BIG screen! The Marvel universe honors the great Stan Lee with appearances in Marvel/Disney movies and this is a chance to honor the great Peter Cullen who similarly means so much to the amazing and historic Transformers franchise. Transformers Fans: Let's UNITE + SIGN + SHARE + RELAY Phase 2 of the petition around the world!


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It has been confirmed TF5. Also we might be seeing dark energon in the movie



I am VERY excited for this!! Hearing the new title makes me feel more ready than ever. However, we only have this shot as the official confirmation in terms of what the movie is going to be like. So, for now, I am going to make a theory based on this photo.

Many people are already speculating it to be either Optimus Prime with purple eyes for some reason or Nemesis Prime. I say the obviousness Nemesis. But who is IS Nemesis, at least in the bayverse? What is he importance of this character? Since this will be a cinematic universe, we are introduced to the Creators (don’t say Quintessons because we are not really sure if they are Quintessons….so we are sticking with Creators for now). What do they have to do with Nemesis Prime? Here is where my theory comes in.

In the last movie, I was confined that obviously the Creators made Optimus Prime and they were apparently angered of Optimus’s… I guess. Why they want him back, I can’t say for sure. But I will say this. Because the Creators considered Optimus a failure….they made a replica. The perfect warrior that they wanted. That, my friends, is none other than Nemesis Prime….or whatever Bay-name they’re giving him…it.

So… is a short theory. I can’t say for sure why they created Optimus in the first place….war reasons I guess? But I feel like I can say why Nemesis was created (if he was made by the creators…he could be his own character but he somehow happens to look like Optimus….unless he is a pretender that can shape shift to anything?)

Anyway, just thoughts for a fan. Besides my theory, if this movie is going for the story of that title, then they should stick with it. I really don’t want full on focus on the humans every 20 minutes of the film and not give much screen time to the title character (*cough*OPTIMUS PRIME*cough*).

Hope you guys liked my theory. It’s not much I know. But what we got was just a photo and a title (and even the filming month…heck even some cast members confirmed). I am still excited for this, nonetheless. And the abbreviations of the movie is TLK. Night!

Transformers Billboards

It would be so awesome in tf5 if the billboard with all the alien hate there was also the billboards from transformers DeVastation especially Mega Burger Combo and Macadams Oil. Better yet have the alien hate replaced with by DeVastation billboards. Hasbro, Bay, how bout it. Also maybe include the business in transformers DeVastation named Sparks n Plugs some where in tf5. That would be awesome.
Likely hood of this happening it’s like next to nothing but hey a girl can dream right.

So I was looking for some TF5 news

And I found some articles that state that Optimus goes to Cybertron and has to try to revive the planet with a magical weapon that is back on Earth. This magical weapon is related to the King Arthur legend..

You know that this means…?

External image

This mother fucker is gonna be fucking canon in the movies.