you fool! she’ll destroy any planets for fun! dont forget it!



LEVIATHOUS [ Fusion of Rodimus / Ultra Magnus / Drift

The Alexandrite of the fusions. A rare first timer, Leviathous is the combination of all 3 captains of the Lost Light. Even though he’s been fused rarely between the captains, he’s a serious boss with a serious face. An extendable mouth allows him to breathe massive fire and spit fire massive fire balls at this enemies. He possesses all the weaponry of the captains plus their fusion combinations. Leviathous might seem like a silent bad guy on the outside but on the inside, he cares deeply for his crew and his autobot comrades.

DIABAS [Fusion of Tarn / Vos / Tesarus / Kaon / Helex ]

Decepticons had a saying that “fusion was reserved for weaker bots while combiners were naturally strong”. Since it was from Megatron himself, the DJD has restrained from using fusion since they’re already considered powerful and threatening. But when push comes to shove and their precious leader has stepped down, Tarn decides to preform a “taboo” act within Decepticon ranks. 

Diabas only formed on Necroworld one time, as far as others know. He resembled an enormous parasite worm, mirroring how Megatron thinks of the DJD. Diabas can morph his face into a giant tentacle like mouth to eat his enemies heads off while restraining them with his 6 arms. With two extra arms on the back of his shoulders, Diabas can pull out two electric poles and stab his enemies with an electrical shock. The glass case of hot lava-like fluid can burn through any material and he can vomit this substance up at his foes. He possesses all the weapons of the DJD that are merged together throughout his body. 

Anyone remember when Super Watermelon Island was so hyped a couple of months ago? Steven Universe has had such a HUGE flood of episodes when I got out of college that matching events between MTMTE and SU has been a bit difficult! But just a reminder that this AU stuff is separate from the MTMTE canon events! 


adorable puppy a bit scared mrs might be mad but mrs understands. ♥

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a shinigami in most animes a human who is trying to repent their sins by being a grim reaper?  

If that’s true… wouldn’t it make sense that Grell Sutcliff may have killed herself (which was/is considered a huge, mortal sin) over her gender identity and/or sexuality?

So, I’m in the Transformers fandom and I’ve been lately into Steven Universe, I really love and enjoy the show and  I don’t know if some one else has ever thought about this, but in my opinion sometimes I think they’re alike in some aspects.

They are ancient aliens that begun a war between different sides and for some reason they ended up on Earth

Steven is half alien just as Sari Sumdac from Transformers Animated, Sari is Cybertronian but her origins were on Earth

Just as gems can fus, Transformers can combine …

…and as Garnet said, when gems are a fusion, it’s like to be just one, as well Transformers think the same 

and what’s more beautiful, they can love <3 …

… and have a strong relationship

if  there’s any Transformers fan out there reading this, I really recomend you to watch Steven Universe <3 as well if you are a fan of Steven Universe, I invite you know about Transformers, they have comics, shows and other stuff <3