My old sims ,I replace his skin and some fine adjustment facial features.

His name is 13

He is a slight personality schizophrenia patient

CC list

 haneco ts3 Male MashHair01 by @haneco410

[M1ssduo] Eyebrow N_04 by @m1ssduo

[sk-sims] Natural Eye Bag by @sk-sims

[Tifa]Holiday Gift_Makeups Set_Eyebag_Sims3pack  

【HH-H】lower lip overlay


simsimi_body_point_M by @sim3simsimi


Original skin: [esen]esen_skin_nd

(By my personal modification, private use)

Thanks for all CC creators


Timelessly Beautiful Pictures of Niall Horan

Sometimes, pictures of Niall Horan are so beautiful, they’re timeless. Here are some examples of that! Compiled and captioned with my best friend, @100percentsassy.

Junior Niall Horan, out by the tennis courts, October 2011. (x)  

Andy Warhol’s cousin and longtime assistant, Niall Horan, seen here in a quick test shot taken by Jack Mitchell in 1968. (x)

Comedian Niall Horan, seconds before being asked to the couch on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, 1990. (x)  

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