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Yo I'm kinda in the hospital for the next few weeks at least and my doctor lives by the motto "laughter is the best medicine" and gave me a list of humor blogs and blogs just run by kind people and your URL was legit one of the blogs on the list and i know it's not going to magically heal me but it's always nice being able after a long day of tests and treatments to just relax and get distracted with nicer things: I know you mean to just have a blog but it really does matter so thank you

This is amazing and crazy to think my procrastinating is helping you a little. I hope you get better soon! And thank you!

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this is your 7am feels anon again. it is now 5:30PM and i'm still having feels (i slept, don't worry). what do. tiny dan curling up in his bed because he doesn't want to look at phil in case he says something stupid, except phil worries when he doesn't come out for breakfast or lunch, and he knocks on dan's door and dan doesn't answer, so he goes in and curls up next to him and hugs him. "are you having another existential crisis? i told you last time, i'm always here to listen." pl EASE

 so cute omg !!!!! + after talking for a while maybe phil trying to make dan laugh just so he feels better and idk then they order some pizza and watch anime together? ?

Good Luck to all my fellow Queenslanders sitting the QCS Tests tomorrow and Wednesday!

To non-Queenslanders, the QCS Tests are two days of testing undergone by eligible grade twelve students to determine the the ranking and average OP (overall position) of the school. Each student is awarded an OP based off their subjects and their school ranking, and this number is the major factor in determining admission into Queensland universities.

For everyone sitting the test (like me!) here are some strategies you have no doubt been taught but might need some reminding of:

- have a good night of sleep
- eat a good and healthy breakfast
- don’t have too much caffeine, you might crash
- deep, controlled breathing if you’re stressed

- remember the marking criteria of the Writing Task- responsiveness, grammar and punctuation, spelling, and structure
- you can eliminate multiple choice answers by looking for a change in tense, atmosphere, wording, anything like that
- in the Multiple Choice and the Short Response tests, make sure you do the questions you know first

And while you should take this seriously because your results effect your whole cohort, remember that you can only do your best and everyone has their own strengths. If you think you did badly, don’t sweat it, because the whole point of QCST is that you and your grade work together. You’ll be fine.

Ok guys tell me if I'm wrong

Last Tuesday night a group of guys in my class were cutting out metal plates for a welding test the next day. I missed the test and we only have 3 days of class each week. When I got into class today all of the plates that were not up to code for the test that I had in our classes lock box were taken. The teacher told me that all together on Tuesday night at least 60 plates were cut and up to code. WAS I WRONG FOR GETTING ANGRY THAT MY PERSONAL PLATES THAT I USED ON A REGULAR BASIS WERE STOLEN BY SOMEONE IN MY OWN CLASSROOM OR AM I OVER REACTING?!

Breaking the News || Ivo and Sonja


Sonja hadn’t seen Ivo in a few days and in fact she dodged him a little even. It had been five days since she found herself in the obgyn clinic, five days since that doctor gave her her pregnancy test, and five days since that doctor told her she was five weeks pregnant. Sonja had been convinced that her period had decided to take a new course, she even blamed it on being around all the were’s on the full moon. But nothing could explain her queasiness and bloated stomach. Though she could blame one thing for this situation that had to do with the full moon; the amazing, but unprotected, sex her and Ivo had that night. Sonja couldn’t wait any longer, she knew she had to tell Ivo, but it was eating at her. She had no idea what would happen. Sonja pulled out her phone to send him a quick text.

My Love: Would you and Wolfie like to come spend the weekend here with Arabella and I?

Post midterm and anatomy lab (yes we still had lab today even though we took a test? really? okay). 

Getting food with friends + puzzles + wine

Not going to do ANYTHING school related today. 

And A is riding with one of his med friends to my city because his friend is going to a wedding this weekend!!!! Didn’t think he was going to be able to swing coming to visit me since he has a test Tuesday after labor day but he and his friend are going to study in the car together.

I AM SO EXCITED! It has been like 6 weeks since I’ve seen him. Plus he is gonna meet my friends :) 

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A much better end to a kinda horrible morning now that i’ve fully processed it (thank you midterm. i get it. i do not know everything. i have much to learn). 

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Betta help, please!

My little blue guy is not looking so good.

I check his water with a testing kit every day, and his water is perfect.  He’s got 5 gallons at 82 degrees and a bunch of live plants and a betta log and moss ball he loves.  I feed him every day (tiny pellets, because his mouth is little), and he’s been eating.  He’s had a hard time swimming because of his fins (he’s a twin-tail halfmoon with a lot of fin), so I’ve given him a couple leaf hammocks and tall plants so he can lay near the surface.

Suddenly, yesterday, when I got home from a game, his color was crazy muted and his fins seem kinda stiff.  He’s been fin biting for a long time now, but I’ve been keeping his water super clean, so his fin rot has not come back.  I don’t know what to do.  I got him to eat a food pellet today, but he’s spent hours at a time floating near the surface on his side, and I keep thinking he’s dead, but when I get closer, he starts swimming again (poorly).

This is the fish that was crazy sick when I got him, so I knew his life wouldn’t be super long, but I love the little raggamuffin, and I really don’t want to lose him.


Why British Youth Have More to Worry About Than Americans

I’ve never realised how good American kids have it when it comes to the stress of being accepted into a university. Americans take what is basically the entrance tests– the ACTs/SATs– during their junior year (Year 12 for the Brits), and can pretty much gauge where they can get into and with how much effort they can get in with, especially since almost every school has a range of scores that accurately reflect the middle 50% of the student body. The tests themselves are pretty easy to prepare for, seeing as they always have the same subjects (English, Math, Reading, and Science for ACT; Math, Critical Reading, and Writing for SAT) and they are MULTIPLE CHOICE. Oh, and it’s not uncommon for a student to take the ACTs/SATs anywhere from 2 to 6 times.

British students have it SOOO much worse. They have to prepare for their “entrance exams,” aka A Levels, for two years in a single, dedicated subject, like Economics or History. It’s nowhere near practical for a student to retake the exam, especially if they took the A Levels and the AS Levels in one session at the end of their final year in school. And JESUS CHRIST the exams are no where close to being as easy as a multiple choice test. Those exams are written. Entire pages of my exam answer document have been dedicated to a single question. Then, just to add insult to injury, while us Americans are packing and prepping for the university we got accepted to in APRIL, British kids are just waiting to see if they made the grades to GET IN!!! It gets even worse when you mention that some Americans start their University courses before British kids EVEN KNOW IF THEY’RE GOING TO UNIVERSITY!!!  And God forbid the horror that befalls those who don’t get the grades they need for their choice university and have to go through clearing…

In all, I have so much respect for British students. They have far more strenuous testing conditions and far more stress to deal with. I wish you the best on your results!

How can any of you not be obsessed with her. Tofu survived someone trying to throw her in the garbage, fleas, worms, parasites, stench of cigarettes, covered in dirt. She got 6 shots and 3 blood tests on the day I found out she had a record breaking low red blood cell count, she’s famous at the vet now for having the most severe anemia they’ve ever seen (imagine trying to take her blood, she had barely any to take!) she has an upper respiratory infection but now she is cleaned up and healing nicely and on medication and she’s just a bad ass bitch I love her