Autistic!Sherlock in Elementary: S3E6 - "Terra Pericolosa"
  • Sherlock attempting to infodump to Gregson about the Midtown traffic patterns, based on his concern that he got to the 39th St. Library before Gregson.
  • Sensory sensitivities: Sherlock’s hearing and certain noises was more of a focus here, specifically, in two scenes. The first was when Joan picked the lock of the Brownstone. Sherlock was not upset of the act in itself, but the fact that it was so loud. The second instance was when Sherlock and Joan were waiting in the lobby of Tavner and Hull. Sherlock could only focus on the sound of the very loud (to him) helicopter landing on the roof. Joan, interpreting Sherlock’s sensory overload progression as a complaint-for-the-sake-of-complaining, retorts with details about the helicopter. Sherlock could tell that Joan was mocking him.
  • Sherlock bouncing as he infodumps to Joan about the other robbed archives, and René Duchez.
  • Sherlock’s finger stims as he and Joan were in the lobby at Tavner and Hull.
  • A Study in Stimming Suppression: While in the board room with Hull, Sherlock hid his hands behind his back and kept as still as possible. A theory could be made that Sherlock suppresses (intentionally or unintentionally) his natural stims in front of untrusted parties. It is an observation that this viewer will look more into in past and future episodes.