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Hello Nevillle, are you quite alright? You look like you've encountered a band of Nargles. They make your head go fuzzy, you know? The best thing to do to keep them away is having protective charms. Here, take mine. Sorry to leave so early, but I've an appointment with the Thestrals. ~Luna


It seems that way, doesn’t it?

wow i really want to marry jungkook i mean what

I'm Lost And Scared....

Hey guys. I know I said I was going to be gone until the 13th but I just need to say something…….I don’t want to be here in this world anymore. I can’t handle the pain. I just want it to end already or is that hard to ask!? Not even my body can deal with it! I passed out for a few minutes,I was alone at the time, when I woke up I was still alone so I just never told anyone when they got home. I don’t know what to do anymore. Nobody wants to help me. The only person that helps me is @just-call-me-izumi they helped me by always giving me hugs and letting me talk about my day even when it’s just something stupid. Then there’s all of you guys that makes me happy even if we don’t talk at all.
Thank you all for making me smile every day. All of you guys are amazing. But I just wish that I get the help soon to forget my horrible past and to move on. I’m just scared on everyone judging me for my past and the scares on my body. I’m afraid of showing the real me to people. I’ve always learned that people will hate me for me. My fucktard grandparents and dad always told me that nobody will like me and will hurt me if I let them in so I’ve always kept most things in. And I’m sorry. I’m afraid of me going back to cutting or actually hurting myself to no return. I need help…the voices keep coming back and they scare me. I don’t know anymore……

I think the poem is not
Transparent, as some have said, nor a looking-glass, as some have
        also said,
Yet it has almost the quality of disappearance
In its cage of visibility. It disperses among the words. It is a
        fluidity, a vapor, of love.

Hayden Carruth, from “The Impossible Indispensability of the Ars Poetica,” Tell Me Again How the White Heron Rises and Flies Across the Nacreous River at Twilight Toward the Distant Islands (New Directions, 1989)

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How did you accidentally get a boyfriend? Can you show me your ways please?

me: is openly sex-repulsed 

me: very loudly tells people that i never want 2 get married

me: doesn’t really like relationships in general

everyone: hey madd date me please

me: ?/????/??/?????

Oh my gosh. (cries)

I just read the chapter where Honey gets a cavity…. and I wish the episode had followed along with the original plot line a bit.

It was actually the Valentines Day story, and so when the Host Club turned down sweets it was actually including all the chocolate they would get on Valentines Day. 

And then at the end of the chapter, after things are resolved with Honey, Tamaki announces that they’ll be celebrating Valentines day in the club and the twins are like: “Nobody is going to give us chocolate, it’s the day before, it’s too short notice to make any.”

And he’s like: “No, we’re going to celebrate it the European way!”

And then: 

They give all the girls a rose. 

And it’s just so cute, dANG IT.


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Thank you, everyone, for your patience. My blog has been a mess for a long time, but finally it is reaching some kind of working order!

And see, see how much / Has come from that first sonnet after our loving began,
—  Hayden Carruth, from “The Impossible Indispensability of the Ars Poetica,” Tell Me Again How the White Heron Rises and Flies Across the Nacreous River at Twilight Toward the Distant Islands (New Directions, 1989)
L8Nit’s Talkative Tuesdays Reviews W3

TTR Master List
That there little link is going to have all of the past reviews and all future reviews to include this one :D

7 Days and a bazillion fanfictions out there to read.
It’s that time of the week folks.
7 of you lucky writers out there stood out last week and these are the finalists.

~Quick side note~ If you aren’t already following these amazing people then go do it! They all are amazing forever and ever for spending their time writing such amazing stories for us. 

(I kinda had a Jensen streak going this time round)  

The Letter

Author: @not-moose-one-shots

Summary: Here is the first part of “Chances.” This series is based off of this anonymous request:  Can I request a oneshot where the reader sends Jensen a really long, personal letter and doesn’t think there is a chance in hell he’d see it or respond to it. But he does and contacts her and meets her in person and they fall in love? Maybe write it with lots of details of how they meet to their friendship to them dating? Pretty please? :)

Review: I read part 2 and OH MY GOSH ITS TOO FLUFFY I LOVE IT SO MUCH SO FAR!!!!! I love every single one of your series but this one is just too much so far. My little heart can’t take it and I can’t wait for part three

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Shocking Sensations [NSFW Series]

Author: @kas-not-cas

Summary: It was suppose to be a simple interview on some strange deaths. Now Y/N finds herself in the same position the victims were, she can’t stop having orgasms.

Review: I have been reading this since you released part one and I have got to tell you this. THIS STORY IS MY GUILTY PLEASURE! Like honestly I bragged about this story to random teenage girls at walmart I’m so in love with it. I have no shame because it is so well written and just UGH! YAAASSSSS!!!!

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Leather and Sunglasses 

Author: @atc74

Summary: Told from the Readers POV. She is an actress on the show Supernatural and her and Jensen have some tension.  Inspired by this picture from EW’s PopFest (photo via Getty Images).

Review: hot hot hot!!! YASSSSSSS! Strip poker is best kind of poker. Jensen in leather is best kind of Jensen. 

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Tell Her

Author: @torn-and-frayed

Summary:  “How long have you been standing there?”

Review: Okay first off anything from the guys POV is like my weakness. Hands down and I love anyone who can do it. Secondly because of the heavy topic it is perfection and gives me all the right feels. I loved part 2 as well just oh my gosh you are too amazing for writing this 

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You Caught Me

Author: @bringmesomepie56

Summary: Imagine pranking your brother Jared with your husband Jensen.

Review: Always in need of fluff and this is too adorable! Just oh my gosh! I love love love it!

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Author: @soberrnatural

Summary: ~Requested~ I just went with the flow. Facts throughout this may come across as false, as I had to change some information to make it fit with the story-line.

Review: There is too much for my heart to concentrate on just one thing. Like this is just YASAASSS!!! Ugh my heart loves you forever!

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Let Me Love You

Author: @dancingalone21

Summary: The reader has not heard from Jensen in over two years, he randomly calls one day and it completely turns her world upside down.

Review: I have not read the whole story yet  BUT OH MY GOSH YES I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!! I just love your writing and can’t wait to read all of this series as well as the rest of your work!

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