Kimball knew Hischier was headed to Bridgestone Arena to watch Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators on Monday with fellow prospects Patrick, Gabriel Vilardi of Windsor (OHL) and Casey Mittelstadt of Eden Prairie (HIGH-MN), and proposed a fake deal: “I said, ‘If you throw a catfish onto the ice, we’ll pick you first.’ ”

Hischier pondered the offer and a few more questions were asked before Kimball began winding up the conversation.

“I asked him if he had any questions and he said, 'Where can I buy a catfish?’ ” Kimball said. “That was clever.”

Soooo…. Touka gets pregnant on 12 May? And she’s now in her 9 weeks? And then she wrote 36-40 weeks until the baby is born. And then Kaneki knows something from Nishiki-senpai so he rushed to Touka to talk about it because he was worried about her and she said she had a foot cramps​ because of lack exercising? And then she kicked him out and finally Kaneki realized something……

What? I need to reread the spoilers again…. Like please. Imma proud GRANDMAAA!!!

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Hello, Ally!! I've been wanting to dye my hair for a while now but it's my first time and I'm worried because I know it damages hair a lot, and also because my natural colour is black and I don't think I'd really like how it'd look when my roots start growing again if I go for pastel colours or something similar. So I wanted to know your opinion and if you have a few tips since you're brunette too!! Thanks a lot💙💙

uhhhh there’s no way you can stop your roots from growing..!  my hair is dyed brown on the top layer and peach on the bottom so i can’t really see how my black roots stand out since it gradients well with brown. i have friends who’ve dyed their entire head white/pastel and they look great to me even when the roots grow out! they look better the longer they are!

once again it’s best if you google for pictures like “black hair roots” to get a rough idea. if you don’t really like it but still want pastel colours, try to opt for an ombre dye instead, to warm up?

Okay so I am supposed to be working on my comic and wound up getting distracted looking at cool pictures of ostriches, as you do. So here I am, looking up cool pictures of ostriches, and I decide to look up pictures of people riding ostriches, because that’s a thing. And then I find this picture:

Ah, yes, very cool! Ostrich running very fast. Wait, but what’s this…?

OTHER cool rideable animals?? Sure, let’s check this out!

Ah yes, a wonderfully clickbait-y title. Let’s see what we have in store!

A yak? Well, okay. Not the most incredible animal, but I’ve never seen someone using one as a mount before, so let’s–


Th-that’s not a yak




Chapter 20: If you need me to be with you, I’ll be there

Carol woke up a few hours later with gentle fingers running through her hair. She found it soothing and even though she was awake, she didn’t open her eyes. She just enjoyed the caress and how comforting it was. It was probably her mom or her boyfriend. She tried to get a better position in bed and groaned in pain. She was already hating to be on bed rest.

When she opened her eyes she found a piercing pair of blue ones staring at her concerned. She smiled brightly when she recognized those eyes. But to be honest she thought she was dreaming.

“Harry…” she said whispering and looking at him.

“Hey darling.” Harry said smiling.

“Am I high on painkillers?” she asked looking around to see if she really was in her bedroom.

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You’re good at being cold in the same way
love is good at being distant

And you don’t know my freckles or the skin
on the back of my fingers you don’t even know about the scar on my ankle but

you are something i think my heart
has always wanted to handle

your love is cold in the way it is always distant
but when I love it always has to be
down to the core
I am whole-hearted in the way
that I am always yours

but you wouldn’t know love if it hit you
you can’t taste it in the space between us when we’re laying in the same fucking sheets so I don’t know why I thought this would be different

maybe I just wanted to be whole-hearted
wanted to be yours for a while
wanted to love the skin by your fingers
wanted the warmth of your smile

wanted you to squeeze my heart into your fist
just to see how well it fits

wanted to dig all the bad times
out from under this arrow
and ask you if your love is something
I could maybe borrow

—  Temporary