I had my first two days working at Penguin and guys it’s amazing there! It’s so colourful and there’s books EVERYWHERE! And so many of them I can take for free!! There’s a ‘pulp’ section full of books employees can take which is full of advances from all departments (*googles every YA book published by penguin*) - it’s like working in heaven!!

Everyone there is really nice, and obviously loves books, and it’s so amazing to finally be working in a publishing environment everyday. I’m going to love working there, which is such a lucky feeling to have. I realise I’m so incredibly blessed to be saying this.

I write the above not to brag, but to say don’t give up on working towards your dreams. I was so unbelievably close to giving up on working in publishing after being rejected over and over again for two years, but I kept pushing and now I’m in a place I love!




 If you are like me and love books you can relate to and are also queer as heck this is a list for you!! Working in a book store you get a lot of time to wander around and find good books and well teen LGBTQ books are my favorite to find. The list is small for now but I will be updating as I find more and more. All the main characters in these books will be queer, not the side characters so there lots of extra gay to go around. So here are some of my favorite LGBTQ books!

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Omg guys I just got offered a job at Penguin as a Production Assistant ajajfifbdbdj I can’t breathe!! I’m actually going to be working in publishing 😱😱

Waiting on 2017 Book Releases Like

*Ahem* Carve the Mark, ACOWAR, TOG 6, World of TOG, TOG novella, Matthew Espinosa: More Than Me, The Silenced Tale…


In a way, it was true. My hands and mind could do things no one else’s could, but I was too young then to understand that some power—the kind that really matters—comes from other people. And what good is being faster, or stronger, or smarter than everyone else when it leaves you all alone?

Theonite: Planet Adyn by M. L. Wang

I can’t be the only one getting bored of girls standing on tiptoes to kiss boys. Do writers realise tall girls and short boys exist?