Why I Love Gary Lightbody

When I talk about Gary Lightbody and Snow Patrol, as a middle aging woman, most people just assume it’s all sexual and I want a romp in the sack with the front man. Nothing could be further from the truth, okay maybe it’s a little true ;-) But most of my love for the man and this band can be summed up by his TedXStormont appearance today. Gary was asked to come and speak, and it was clear though out the event, that the other speakers were very excited about his appearance.  Gary, in his true form, did not steal the spotlight for himself.  Instead, he chose to bring along other musical influences from Northern Ireland to share the stage. He chose to put the spotlight on the music scene, influences and how the musical culture in Ireland has grown in last 15 years.

He didn’t take the spotlight for himself or snow patrol, he shown the spotlight on all musicians in Northern Ireland. Maybe it because I didn’t grow up in a particular loving environment, as a matter of fact, the my environment was quite violent.  But the thing I love most about this man is his generosity towards others and helping other people in his industry become just as successful, if not more successful than himself and Snow Patrol.  He is always willing to put on a smile for and with others around him.  He has been able to give my technical left brained mind a voice to speak to others when I can’t find the words myself.

As you watch Gary speak, you can tell he is nervous. Even after 20+ years singing and playing to an audience, there is no arrogance to his nature.  The moderator and other speakers boosted Gary to a pedestal. As he came on stage, he knocked his self off of that pedestal and put others up there in his place.

All the guys in the bands are physically attractive, but it’s the inside of Gary and the guys that really brought me around as a Patroller.  I’m drawn to the positive nature of this man and hope than in some way it can rub off on me to be a better person. I did not have many personal positive influences as a child, so I desperately look for them as an adult.


As someone who has been officially diagnosed as bipolar, when I can’t get out of bed I listen to Lifeboats and these lyrics help me get up, get dressed and participate in real life, you know that life we have outside of the internet, with people we can laugh, drink and eat with in person.

Wake up, wake up

Sleeping only leads to more and more nightmares

Snap out of it

You said it in a way that showed you really cared


Gary Lightbody at TEDxStormont by TEDxTalks

Published on Apr 3, 2013

Gary Lightbody is the singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the alternative rock band Snow Patrol. His band was nominated for two MTV music awards in 2007 and to date have released six albums that have sold in excess of 13 million copies. @garysnowpatrol

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