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♉️ Taurus - Flora

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♊️ Gemini - Musa

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♌️ Leo - Stella

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♍️ Virgo - Aisha

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♐️ Sagittarius - Tecna

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♒️ Aquarius - Bloom

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whoa little guardians,
Do you remember that layout I did for my friends blog Winx & WITCH?
Sooo, he asked me to do more layouts like that one aaaand I accepted, of course.
Then I started to do the other Winx and witch girls. The pairs was my friend request. I hope you like it, now I just need to choose a color palette and update the layout. 

I love that even though Tecna has short hair, her hairstyles are super varied and stylish. I mean, you’d probably expect the only short-haired girl in a Rapunzel-haired magical girl brigade to get the short (no pun intended) end of the stick in the hair department, but Tecna has so many different hairstyles (compared to, say, Flora, who’s been sporting the same loopy bangs with blonde highlights for 7 seasons and one spinoff show now), and hers are some of my favorites on the show:

(lol remember that time enchantix tried to give her long hair? thank god it was a one-time thing that eventually went nowhere.)

consider this my belated tecna birthday appreciation post.