Shut up and listen to my romance headcanon, please.

Teb: He’d try to marry you ASAP, would stay up late sewing your wedding attire, would be the best damn wedding garb any Nora has ever seen because a gift from the Goddess deserves the best you can offer and more.

Would want children, but he isn’t going to pressure you for them, has baby clothes put away just in case. Knows that you need your time in the wild, and that you can handle yourself, but would still be a worry wort.

A very loving husband indeed.

Varl: Would take things slow, wanting to know everything about you before he even mentions the possibility of marriage. Would be your best friend before, during, and after the wedding. Would look forward to hunting with you, and might even stir up some friendly competition while you’re out together.

Would be a total goof who flirts with you while you’re trying to focus on your tasks. Eventually wants children, would like to name them after his sister and mother.

Would follow you to the ends of the earth and back with only minor to moderate complaints.

Vanasha: She isn’t one for committed relationships due to her role as a spy for the King, but would happily spend her down time with you. Would always try to help you out with your quests, pulling strings and send aid whenever she can.

Will always be grateful for what you did to help her, and will happily show whenever you swing by.

Petra: Is down for whatever, but don’t think she’s going by ‘forgewife’ if you marry her. Her work is her baby, but wouldn’t mind adopting an older child as her forge apprentice, and she would definitely spoil them whenever they did well with their training.

Thinks of you as a gift to the Heap. With the amount of hunting you do, she never has to worry about running out of supplies, and that helps her rest easy at night.

Knows how you need to wander, and only fusses at you whenever you’re gone for too long.

Erend: Would take things slow, show you around, treat you to all the wonders Meridian has to offer. Isn’t ready for marriage, but the idea is certainly nice. Would insist on you staying with him once you two start getting serious.

Would try to make his house more accommodating for a Nora: cool water filled jugs, open windows with think shades to block out the blazing sun. He’d even try decorating with Nora carvings and knot work, only to be told that most of it is Banuk carvings.

Knows you’re highly capable, but still wishes you wouldn’t wander off without at least telling him where you’re going.

Avad: Things would be awkward between you two at first, he still feels terrible for trying to have you replace Ersa, but after a while, he’ll move past it.

After all you did for him, his city, and his people, he definitely wants to marry you. The people can’t help but approve of the idea after all you’ve done for them.

However, marriage to the king comes with many inconveniences: Needing a personal guard wherever you go, the political enemies, the political debates, the lack of freedom to go and do whatever you choose without hassle.

Nil: He isn’t looking for a committed relationship, just a hunting partner. He knows wherever you go, challenges arise, so he’s inclined to follow so long as there’s bandits to be fought. His affection doesn’t come easy, but after months on the road and some bonding over the hunt, he eventually begins to see you as more than a hunting partner.

He doesn’t want to marry or have children, he just want to wander with you until the end. He’s still waiting for that duel, but he’ll settle for a kiss instead.


Another gorgeous Ps4 game, another photomode feature and so another photomode spam! Horizon zero dawn photomode part 1!

(If you have played the game)Teb is surprisingly photogenic in this game. Out of all the characters, he is actually the easiest to take a good photo of(well so far). He looks so ordinary in the game but he looks great in photos(And I totally ship him with Aloy haha)

Here’s part 2:


Part 3:



Horizon Zero Dawn “Cast”:

Aloy - Rose Leslie

Rost - Russell Crowe

Teersa - Judi Dench

Sylens - Lance Reddick

Helis - Javier Bardem

Erend - Russell Tovey

Olin - Omid Djalili

Varl - John Boyega

Resh - Lennie James

Teb - Joseph Gordon Levitt

What do you think?

SHIPPING INFO // Answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog. REPOST. Don’t reblog.

TAGGED BY:  @voiceofourteeth.
@focuslinked, @joshiisms, @crawfcrd and @giveyourest.

What’s your OTP for your Muse?:

I don’t really have an OTP for Teb yet, if I’m completely honest. I mean, I think he’s cute with Aloy, but that might be too much of a hero-worshiping situation as it is in canon.

And I don’t know if I could have been any more obvious for Nathan, but my OTP for him is Grahamfield. I know that gameplay-wise they have no leg to stand on, but I just really like the prospect of them and especially them learning from each other. (I also just want Nathan to be happy.)

This does not mean these ships are set, because I’m open to most ships. It’s all chemistry-based. Though Nathan is gay.

What are you willing to RP when it comes to shipping?: 

Uh… everything.

Okay, no, honestly, there are some restrictions: I’m usually fairly fond of exploring dark themes, but I have some limitations. I don’t do incest or pedophilia. And I won’t tolerate non-con or abusive relationships unless very thoroughly talked through upfront. I’m also very picky with my partners around these subjects.

How large does the age gap have to be to make it uncomfortable?:  

I don’t have any problem with age gaps, as long as there are no underage people involved.

Are you selective when shipping?:

Yes and no? It depends on the muse, really. Some get more easily involved with people than others and some have a very hard time letting people in, and I generally just go with the flow.

How far do steamy moments have to go before they’re considered NSFW?: 

Any touching below the belt or once the pants come off is NSFW area and will be under a Read More.

Who are other muses you ship your muse with?:

So far I’ve only shipped Nathan with @cyanide-and-morning-glories‘ Selik, and Teb hasn’t had any romantic action yet.

Does one have to ask to ship with you?:

You don’t have to ask for your character to have a crush on mine, I am always okay with that and will not assume it forcing a ship, but if the ship is something you really want to happen you might need to contact me with it. Some of my muses are kind of dense, or maybe I simply struggle to see how it will work, but talking it through is always a good place to start!

How often do you like to ship?:

I like ships, but I like them to develop. Sometimes I also feel more for romance than others, so I might be a little finicky on that part… I also like delving into a lot of different sort of relationships other than just romance, so I don’t know? I don’t know how often? I like ships, but they’re not top-priority.

Are you multiship?: 

Yes! Though, as I said, some of my muses are pretty picky and don’t open up to relationships too often. It’s nothing personal, the chemistry just needs to be there.

Are you ship obsessed or ship more-or-less?:

I ship more-or-less, but once I really ship something, it usually makes a complete 180 and slams me in the face. Like… ’Wow! I really love this ship. I’m making it seven aesthetics and putting together a song list an spamming you with au possibilities for the rest of the week.

What is your favorite ship in your current fandom?:

I don’t really… have one??

Finally, how does one ship with you?: 

Very simple! You come up to me and say ‘I ship the thing!’ and I will most likely be like ‘Okay, yes, cool! Let’s do it!’ and we’ll do it. That’s it. That’s all there’s needed. Please do it.

Why is no one talking about Vanasha in Horizon Zero Dawn?

I mean…have you SEEN her!?



THEM FUCKING ABS. This is a woman who knows how to fucking fight.

YAAAAAS VANASHA! LOOK AT HER THIGHS! Why are more people not in the Vanasha fanclub?

She was a slave for the Shadow Carja, gets free and then works as a shadow agent, spying on them for two years. Then when the time is right, she saves a kid from becoming this cult like idol and sends him to safety. She is BADASS. Not only that but she’s funny. Genuinely funny. She’s well written and her banter with Aloy and her flirting is super well done, subtle and not over the top. Similarly when she teases Uthid. It’s like a friend teasing their older partner. She’s amazing. So well written, such a fucking cool, interesting character.

Don’t get me wrong, Aloy is great, after the first hour of gameplay, I warmed to her a lot, but she meets some amazing people along the way that hardly ANYONE is talking about!

Like Varl! Sweet, slightly stubborn Varl. He wants to obey his mother’s orders as a solider but the son in him wants to ensure his mother is safe and protect her, even though she’s a BAMF herself. But it’s such a subtle thing, he doesn’t sit there going ‘hur hur mum is weak, gotta watch over her’ he does it by being slightly stubborn in his actions and he wants vengeance just as much as she does but he isn’t all hulked out about it like you see some male characters. Instead he’s passionate. He’s a great character and he’s really interesting in how he interacts with Aloy. It’s super nice to see male characters who aren’t all ‘omg female fap fap fap’. Him and Teb are friends with Aloy and it’s super nice that it doesn’t turn into him admitting his sudden love for her. I just love it. I love how both men and women flirt with Aloy subtly, and that Aloy’s sexuality is NOT the hot topic of conversation in the game. It’s not addressed. Yes, people flirt with her, but she doesn’t do much by way of giving it away.

Look at Varl! Little cinnamon roll.