Tearaway Unfolded: Coming Sept. 9th

I just wanted to signal boost this wonderful game. It was amazing on Vita, and this re-imagining on PS4 looks to be just as beautiful!

Believe it or not, this game actually attempts to push the boundaries when it comes to video game storytelling, and understanding that part of the experience takes place outside of the TV screen.

I finished Tearaway Unfolded and here are my thoughts.

Let me just start by saying that the world of Tearaway is the most unique and creative things I’ve seen in gaming. There are a few games out there that use a certain “material” to make it’s graphical style like wool or clay. But Tearaway uses paper, and everything is paper in this world. From the gusts of wind to the splashes you make as you jump in water. A papery world populated by papercraft people and animals. They managed to create such a jaw dropping world purely out of paper and that’s an amazing feat to accomplish.

So, the game is mainly a 3D platformer with a very interesting idea behind it. You play the game as you, and the character you control is separate from you. Your job is to help the messenger to deliver a message to you. The player. And it’s such a cute and charming idea, the whole reason you play through the levels of this game is to deliver yourself a message haha. As a platformer the game is really damn good. It might feel a bit easy and lacking at first, but they introduce new ways of platforming and new mechanics as the game goes and and it ramps up in difficulty towards the end. Buuut, sadly mainly towards the end. Well over 50% of the game is pretty easy.

The game also has LOADS to discover. From finding hidden presents to photographing colorless objects to helping folks out in the world. There’s more side stuff than you think. I managed to miss about 30% of the games collectibles on my first playthrough, yikes, but you can freely play any part of the game and retrieve those. If you’re that kind of completionist. You can also unlock papercrafts that you can then print out and make yourself. Now that’s cool.

A big part of the game is the creative aspect of the whole thing. As you help folks you can draw objects and thingamajigs from them and they’re added to the games world. Like drawing a cloud, or a star. Or even giving some random stranger a mustache. You can also freely customize your messenger however you want giving it a “you” kind of look. You can use confetti you find on your adventures to buy more decorations and facial features. I found the creative aspect of the whole game to be just superb, and most of all really fun. The way how the game interacts with you is amazing. You can tell from the game mechanics that this game was made for the PS4 as it could not be played on other consoles. That’s what makes this one an unique exclusive game.

So, how about some negatives? Well, for one I felt like dying meant nothing in this game. Enemy count would stay the same, so if you faced 10 enemies and died 3 times it wouldn’t matter because the scenario doesn’t reset. You can die as much as you want until the enemies are dead. The game doesn’t punish you that much. Other thing is that the camera can go wild sometimes. There are parts where you can freely control the camera, and other parts where the game wants to set the camera in some position making it spin around and sometimes leading you off a ledge because the camera wants to show you something while you walk a narrow path. I also experienced a weird glitch multiple times throughout my playthrough. If I died during one of the enemy encounters that game would not progress forward and I would be stuck on a platform where I can’t get off of. So I had no other choice but to start from a checkpoint and make sure that I didn’t die.

So, as a whole Tearaway Unfolded is the BEST 3D platformer we’ve been blessed with in a long damn time. It’s a breathe of fresh air in todays gaming market where every game tries to be realistic with big open worlds and all that jazz. If you even remotely like platformers and own a PS4 I oh so recommend getting this game. It’s so charming, so unique and most of all so much fun. For me Tearaway Unfolded is a strong 9/10. Also I might be a bit biased because I love platformers and this game really reminded some of my childhood games… But still, play the damn thing it’s FUN!

My partner’s been playing this super cute game called Tearaway Unfolded. I’d describe it as Okami meets Little Big Planet, but in paper craft style. It’s all kinds of adorkable. Seriously.

Okay, so this was my favourite game mechanic so far - in game, you can pick up a critter (say, a squirrel) and throw it into your controller… and YOUR CONTROLLER SQUEAKS! If you stroke the touch pad, IT MAKES HAPPY SQUIRREL NOISES.

DAAAAAA~~ brb, dying from all the cute.

Also, the music makes me happy - our booth was right across from the Media Molecule booth at PAX Aus last year, so I get all the good memories from that.

i just spent all morning being a crafty babe (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و i made a papercraft doll of atoi from the game tearaway: unfolded and it was sort of hard but i think she came out cute!!