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I hate ty. He clearly only ever cared about livvy and would never help around the institute. You hear about everyone helping but never ty and he clearly has never loved dru and has probably never helped out with tavvy before in his life. In city of heavenly fire during the scen where Alicante is getting attacked dru (8 at the time) tried to hold Ty's hand because she was scared- and he snatched his hand away from her and scowled at her till she cried. WTF and there are many more examples I have

Hi anon, I just wanted to start off by saying that I respect your opinion (though I strongly disagree with it) and I am glad to see you backed it up with some ‘proof’. The problem is that most of it is severely exaggerated or included poorly drawn conclusions.

“He clearly only cared about livvy.” That is clearly wrong, because you can see how upset Ty was when Julian and the others’ lives were at risk, as well as how determined he was to protect his siblings. Though he may not show it as plainly as others, he loves and cares for them deeply. In fact, he is probably one of the most caring people in the book demonstrated with his love for animals and how determined he was to save the faeries trapped in the cage in LOS.

“Would never help out around the institute.” ??? Ty eagerly jumps at any chance to help Emma and Julian on whatever mission they’re up to to the point where he snuck in the car and met Kit. 

“Never loved Dru.” How would you know that? Just because he snatched his hand away from her once when he was ten doesn’t mean he never loved her. He’s autistic, he doesn’t understand why and how people are supposed to act in certain occasions and their emotions were amplified during the time of war.

I’m not saying he’s perfect - obviously, he has his flaws (especially in coohf) but he’s grown so much as a character since tda so that it’s simply not right to accuse Ty of any of the things you’ve listed. 

(p.s. i can’t believe someone could hate ty. guess i’ve just joined the ty blackthorn protection squad)

Julian Blackthorn

as half of the fandom sees: ruthless, manipulative, the world can burn if my family lives, big bad bitch

as the other half of the fandom sees: cinnamon roll, cries watching Titanic, so soft for Emma and his family, makes pancakes, soft cupcake

as I see: a rich complex multidimensional realistic character, full of flaws, contradictions and paradoxes, great original male anti-hero, morally grey, morally ambiguous, with so much depth and layers that I can’t even count


Manuel Villalobos?

His last name means “town of wolves.” And how much of a slap in the face to Zara would it be for her second-in-command to be turned into a werewolf?

Let me break your heart
  • Cristina: Emma, how about this dress?
  • Emma: *smiles warmly* It is bare back
  • Cristina: *looks at dress in confusion* So wha- OH!
  • Emma: Yes.
  • Cristina: I am so sorry!
  • Emma: It is fine Tina, I am fine, but Jules and Mark are not. I would wear it, if they were not that affected by it.
  • Cristna: Let me hug you, you giant reckless baby! *teary eyed*

Grace Blackthorn! well, It’s going to be ages before The last hours is released, but I’m really excited??

Btw I took inspiration from the jewelry used in BBC’s adaptation of Great Expectations.

The Blackthorn Twins… and Kit!

Ty: Julian said to be home by sundown
Kit: Julian doesn’t need to know
Ty: Julian said not to go downtown
Livvy: Like I said, you’re free to go
Kit: But look around, look around there are murders happening in LA
Ty & Livvy: LA!
Mark & Emma: Christopherrrrr!
All: Work!