“Bet you thought you were all gonna grow old together, 
sittin’ around the table at Sunday dinner and the happily ever after.”

-Negan Season 7 Episode 1

“I thought I hoped he’d just live the rest of his life in peace you know? I thought Maggie and Glenn would have a baby, and he’d be a Grandpa. And we’d have Birthday and Holidays and Summer Picnics. And he’d get really old. And it’d happen, but it would be quiet. It’d be okay. He’d be surrounded by people he loved.”

-Beth Greene Season 4 Episode 12

7x01 - Basic Analysis

Good morning, All! How is everyone feeling today after that awful episode? 

(Oh, let me apologize for my screencaps today. It’ll be later in the day before i can get decent ones, and I didn’t want to wait to post my analysis, so these are going to be a bit grainy and washed out.)

Mostly, I’m just relieved that it’s over. For me, the anticipation of who would be killed was worse than anything else. And I will say that, I’m actually glad I read the spoilers three days prior. I know, weird thing to be grateful for spoilers. I kind of freaked out when I read that it would be Abe and Glenn. And even though I didn’t really believe that it would be them (I was sure the spoilers were wrong) it gave me a few days to prepare myself for what I knew was a very possible scenario. Because of that, I was able to deal with watching the episode much better than if I’d had no idea and been hit with it for the first time last night. I really would have been melting down much more in that case.

So all I’ll say about the deaths is these two things: for Abraham, I’ll have to re-think the meaning of some symbolism around him. With him being gone, my interpretation was obviously wrong.

For Glenn, I said I thought it would be a stupid decision for the writers to kill him exactly as they did in the CBs because it’s what everyone expected. I still felt that way watching it, but it was TTD (which I’ll talk more about tomorrow) that changed my perspective on that. Steven talked about pretty much begging the writers to let him have Glenn’s CB death. I really hadn’t thought much of what he would have thought and wanted, and it’s obvious (we’ve seen it in the past with how much say Norman has had in Daryl’s characters) that tptb take into account the actors feelings and connections with the characters and often respect their wishes for what direction they take things. At least, that’s true of the major characters, and you don’t get any more major than Glenn. Even though I didn’t want Glenn to die, I can’t help but respect the hell out of that.

Okay, so it’s gonna be rough moving forward without them. (My poor brother-in-law’s favorite was Abraham. He even grew an Abraham ‘stache as an homage. He is not loving the show this morning.) But let’s try to move on to more hopeful things in the wake.

And by that, of course, I mean TD things. There were definitely some things that stood out to me, even on the first watching of the episode. I was really too tightly wound to take notes and look for clues (I rarely do that for the first watching anyway) but even so, some things jumped out at me, and my FB group was making connections faster than I could (cuz they’re awesome that way) so here we go.

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Some versions of Wander.

Some character that I love

… A character that I love who dresses like other characters that I love

… Ah.

[I will post the transparents of these drawings as soon as possible!]

No, guys, I don’t know why I did this.

Wander (Wander Over Yonder, Craig McCracken; Disney)

-Steven Universe (Rebecca Sugar, Cartoon Network)
-Gravity Falls (Alex Hirsch; Disney)

-Spongebob Squarepants (Stephen Hillenburg; Nickelodeon)

-Over the Garden Wall (Patrick McHale; Cartoon Network)

-BenTen (Man of Action; Cartoon Network)

-Adventure Time (Pendleton Ward; Cartoon Network)

-Undertale (Toby Fox)

-Ed, Edd n’ Eddy (Danny Antonucci; Cartoon Network)
-Total Drama (Jennifer Perscth, Tom McGillis; Cartoon Network)

-The Amazing World of Gumball (Ben Bocquelet; Cartoon Network)

-Futurama (Matt Groening; Fox)

-Inside Out ( Pete Docter, Ronnie del Carmen ; Disney)

-Nightmare Before Christma (Henry Selick; Disney)