Yes Sir p1


I stood in the kitchen washing dishes and such working very hard as alot of the other house staff where off on a trip, I heard a bell for upstairs in the main lobby so I left my work and headed up to the lobby where most of the family I work for stood “where is that girl were going to be late"the lady of the house said to her husband
"Darling Ava’s a young lady now I don’t doubt she’s simply fixing her hair” he answered
“I don’t doubt but we told her to be ready by 3, and where is thomas anyway?” She asked
“In his room dear, or in the garage messing with that damn automobile of this"he laughs
"Correction he’s stood on the stairs having just finished messing with that damn automobile of his” I hear from the stairs and I turned to see Thomas the son of the lord and lady stood leaning on the banister his clothes alittle oil covered and his hair alittle messy I smile at him and he winks at me before ava thomas’ sister appears atop of stairs in her beautiful dress
“Come on ava we will be late” her father says
“I’m coming, it’s not like we don’t have time to get there” she replies
“Right well as you know we will be gone for the next five weeks and we put thomas here in charge of the house, if anything goes wrong on your heads be it” the lord tells us few staff all in all there was me one of the butler’s and a few odd staff not more then ten of us all together they all said there goodbyes before the family left leaving only thomas in the house with the staff “I’ll be in the conservatory if anyone needs me, and someone make me a coffee” he says before wondering off I went down to the kitchen and make coffee and such and going up to the conservatory where thomas sat reading a book as well as the radio playing sweet music"here sir your coffee" I say putting the tray on the table
“Thank you y/n” he smirks
“Will that be all sir?” I ask
“I don’t think so love but keep yourself handy” he smirked winking at me so I nodded and went back to cleaning till the bell rang again so I went back to the conservatory where thomas sat looking at me “yes sir?"I ask
"Come here” he smirks tapping the sofa beside him I sat looking only at the floor as he smirks at me licking his lips as he looked me up and down I kept my eyes on the floor as I hear and see out the corner of my eye him undo his pants “come on then love, do your job” he smirks
“Yes sir” I reply moving to have his dick in my mouth and sucking hard letting him moan like crazy till eventually he came and I licked him clean before I went back to work I stood washing the dishes feeling strange I had been doing sexual jobs for thomas ever since I can remember ever since we where both of age I think I never quiet new why I just think when he hit puberty he just likes checking me out and slapping my arse I still dont know why he likes me but he just does

I sat on the corner of thomas’ bed him still laid in the bed relaxing I felt awful about all this “you alright” he asks me
“Uh yeah” I reply briefly getting up trying to slip my clothes back on till I feel his arms around my waist
“Yeah like I believe that"he laughs "what’s the matter"he asks me turning me to face him
"I feel dirty” I say pushing him away
“Why would you?” He asks me
“Becuase I just do, I feel awful about all this” I say
“Love look at me” he says turning me back to him “if my family weren’t lords then I would have been engaged to you by now ” he explains
“So you keep saying” I sigh
“Why don’t you believe me"he asks me
"I just don’t” I answer trying to turn away
“I’ll find a way to make you believe me"he says giving my cheek a kiss


“It’s been two years since I graduated from AKB, at any rate I haven’t thought about anything, I’m determined to do my 120% on work that comes my way in any case… The things that I want to do, my hopes, my goals? To be able to say these, it’s still not so clear and definite at the moment. But I think that’s fine. I don’t think it’s bad. What do I kind of want to do right now? What do I kind of like? Now’s the time for me to ask myself on such things.“

~Oshima Yuko, TABIFUKU。 2016-09-21



ok ok ok so i completely agree on the whole ECKVA spelling thing, but being the obscure knowledge trash I am, I thought it looked pretty suspiciously like a cipher. also being lazy as heck, i immediately run over to a wonderful place called rumkin.com and open up the Caesarian Shift tool (because caesar cipher is a rly heckin common cipher and a great go-to when you need to stump lotsa peeps) and plug in the oh so great ECKVA. Now, this takes a couple tries, but after digging through all the different shifts and gibberish I finally found ONE result that didnt seem like someone spilled a can of alphabet soup.


ok now quick disclaimer when i say this has a great chance of being absolutely nothing, but there is still a chance it could mean something. We dont know anyone named Caity from the series?? yet??? If Caity is even someone’s name?????? but this is the best lead I could get a hold of.

It might also be of mild importance that the rumkin shift setting was set to 24, meaning the decryption was a result of changing the letters in ‘ECKVA’ to the letters that sat two digits behind them in the alphabet (Ex. E turns into C, C turns into A, etc.). Whether 24 or 2 hold any significance as numbers or not, it’s always good to have these things on record.

NOW, ALTERNATIVELY!! ECKVA could in fact be a passphrase for other future ciphers. There are many ciphers that require these “keys” in order to solve certain codes (such as the lovely Vigenere Cipher). Again, I cannot guarantee anything as this is just a theory, but having things put out there for consideration and to be kept on record is very helpful.

Hope this ends up being something useful!

Walk along the train tracks
Tell me it’s okay
Lay with your eyes open
We’ll fall straight through the floor

Can’t promise we’ll land in wonderland but wherever we’re going
Baby we’ll be just fine

Watch ourselves fall further and further
Darker and darker
I can’t catch you this time

But I’ll fall with you
I’ll get back up with you
I’ll walk to the top with you

I’ll smile and say we made it
And if you fall back down
We’ll start again
Darling I’m not going anywhere

//The shattered flower

reasons why spark is ur problematic fave:

• he has ran around shirtless with the team instinct symbol on his chest
• probably jumped off a roof to impress a cute guy
• dabs constantly
• “this is my jolteon i named daddy”
• looks like guy fieri
• naruto runs to gyms
• no gag reflex
• favorite song is toxic by brittany spears
• got hit by a car multiple times trying to catch a pikachu
• is a weeaboo