axcrazy  asked:

In Belong, is it frowned upon to wear the the furs/leather/etc of your enemies? Are there insults like "You'd be better as a coat"? Or is it seen as an honor since apparently fur rugs are apparently okay?

Very interesting question! I had to sit down for a bit and think about it since I had not thought of if before. :D

I would say that it depends on what part of the world you are in and the extent of your actions. So in some cultures you can show respect to your enemy by saving a part of them in order to make yourself stronger (EX: Making a weapon out of your enemies´s horn/antlers). This is a common custom in arranged fights and duels when the participants can talk calmly before trying to kill each other.

However; in other parts of the world this is viewed as a violation of boundaries and honour. If you here meet somebody who brags about “wearing their enemies”, then run and do not look back. Their morals are most likely messed up and you cannot predict what they will do to you.

OBS: Some culture chocks aside, it is a world-wide belief that you do not eat people (no matter what form they are in) as a way to humiliate your enemies. That is some super-villain shit.

Hebrew slang of the day #44

Flying on himself - Af al atzmo - עַף עַל עַצְמׂו

thinking too highly about himself, usually when it’s unjustified. 
thank you very much @crab-tries-to-art for this one!


“Jonathan has declared himself king of backflips! omg.”
“ah, he’s just flying on himself. He can’t even do one.”

“יונתן הכריז על עצמו כעל מלך הסלטות לאחור! אומייגד.”
“אה, הוא סתם עף על עצמו. הוא לא יכול לעשות אפילו אחת.”

shinyumbreon929  asked:

Does leather exist in the world of To Belong? I highly doubt it, but I want to be 100% sure.

Yes it does, but it is conceded highly valuable! :o

The only way to get leather is through body donors (who died a non violent death). A body donor´s family are the ones who decide how to honor their family member, but usually there is a written agreement, signed by the departed, which describes in detail how they want their body to be used after their passing. 

So yeah, it is totally a thing to use animal/human parts in tools and clothing (teeth, horns, feathers, etc too). But since these items usually are family heirlooms, they are hard to get your hands on just willy nilly. And if you would happen to find them being sold at a boutique, then they tend to be really expensive.

PS: The black market is also a option, but that way you have no idea over who you are buying or how they died.

OBS: Stuffed animals (taxidermy) on the other hand are NOT a thing! A fur mat, yes sure, but a whole stuffed bear in the living room?! GRANDMA WOULD NOT HAVE APPROVED!!

أحبي رجلا ً يُشعرك أنك شئ ثمين كلما نظرتِ في عينيه ، و يجعلك تحبين نفسك أكثر كلما نظرتِ في عيناك ، رجلا ً يجعلك تسيري دونما أن يرسي عقده عليك ، دونما أن يكبلك ، يحضنك كطفلته التي يريدها أن تقوى ، و كحبيبته التي لا يريد أن يُفارقها .

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christy7m  asked:

So when a person knows they're going to die soon and they plan to donor, they stay in the form that they want the body parts to be used of. (Because after death their form can't change, right?) Or what if a person donors hoofs but dies as a human?

Related to THIS ask!

Exactly! Your animal form is usually the most desirable one since it has more to offer, but if you decide a long time in advance that you want to be a body donor then you usually write down your wishes for both forms just in case. You never know when or how you die, so it is good to plan ahead. 

And oh boy, there have been plenty of families torn apart after an insensitive cousin or sibling has said something along the lines of: “They could at least have died correctly. Tusks are at least worth something compared to wrinkly old skin”. 

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