when I was working as a waitress there was this one old lady who left a $90 tip on a $10 bill with a note that said “I can’t take this with me so please enjoy it” and swear to god I still think about this every day

The War on Drugs Fuels the Spread of Diseases
Mass imprisonment of drug users worldwide, as well as a scarcity of harm reduction programs, contributes to the spread of HIV, viral hepatitis and TB.
By Benjamin Ryan

Did you know that cutting the population of incarcerated injection drug users by a quarter could reduce HIV transmissions by 7-15% over a five-year period? 

Scaling up opioid replacement treatment, such as methadone, to prisoners who need it as well as to those coming out of prison could also prevent up to 28% of new HIV cases among IDUs over the same time frame.


it’s that time of year

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just out of curiousity, how old do you think someone should be when they dye their hair? like what age is appropriate for parents to let their kids dye their hair


Stawpp😂😂😂 “When girls start their Fall hoodie stealing spree #tb”

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Não quero que você me largue. Não quero te largar. Não quero ter motivos pra ir embora, pra te deixar falando sozinho, pra bater o telefone na sua cara… Eu fiz isso com todos os outros. É, só que dessa vez eu queria muito que fosse diferente. Dessa vez, com você, eu quero que dê certo.
—  Tati Bernardi.