TALES from Fashion City

Hey Tumblr people!! I just made a Facebook “Like” page to promote my (FREE) digital comic series “TALES from Fashion City” (8 stories in thus far) 

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Read all TALES here: http://www.talesfromfashioncity.blogspot.com

I’m so excited to be doing another triple feature next week!!

(I currently have 4 continuing comic series I post online here and there… it’s awesome when I have 3 ready for a week….well, almost ready. The DMBstudios Daniel clones will be furiously working in the studio this weekend to get all the work done)

Thanks for reading Tumblr peeps <3

-Daniel iley


Here is a sneak peek from upcoming:

“TALES from Fashion City: Remember When?” Part 3 

I want to thank all of the girls, women, and feminists that post on Tumblr… it takes guts to open up about all the bullshit that women have to put up with in our society today. Thanks to all of your posts I have a clearer idea of some of the important issues that you deal with everyday. TFFC is about these struggles and more and I really hope that as the series develops you will find something about it that you enjoy or personally connect with.

Thanks for reading and sticking with me :)

Much love,

Daniel Iley

for more TALES go… HERE

FREE “Tales from Fashion City” mini comics!! I know, I know, Free stuff sucks…I prefer to pay for everything!! and reading?? ewww!! 

I’m so thrilled to finally be getting to flesh out the world and inhabitants of Fashion City, if you have followed FAT fridaze you have seen the character and stories evolve, please keep up with these girls… I have Tales and tales and tales to tell.


New Tale coming sooooon (click on the pic to R-E-A-D)