BTS “chart manipulation” clarified

“It is a bigger waste for the company to buy back their own albums because the record stores take a commission charge of double the amount… Big Hit is also a small tier agency and Bang Shi Hyuk is a Seoul University graduate, he wouldn’t be dumb enough to buy all of those albums at once.” 

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(([holyromanempires-blog] we are probably the youngest muns here. we must overthrow the older people.))

CALM DOwn mun!
((N O))

Toxic Social Groups Online

I have been reading a recent Homestuck update in which Roxy and Rose argue for why it was a good thing that Vriska took charge of stuff on the meteor. Of course, Homestuck is a fake comic about things that aren’t real, but the author sometimes tries to make commentary on things that are. This is one of the instances where he gets it wrong and I feel it is incredibly important to explain why to people who hang around in chat groups on MSPARP. 

It can be very difficult to organize a chat group and to keep things going. Often the people who end up doing so are the kind of personality that one might describe as an “extravagant bitch.” They take charge of a group online because not only are they willing to make the effort to do things but they also stomp out any possible competition. They make friends with key people in the group who are popular and start by ostracizing a few unpopular folks. This may seem like a good thing at first since no one else had the guts to tell the unpopular folks off and everyone is relieved to have them gone, but what you have to understand about people like this is that they always need someone to be the ‘bad guy’ that everyone has to rally against. This is part of what allows them to retain power. It is the same kind of queen bee mentality you see in school age children. At first, the person who takes control (and it isn’t necessarily a woman either), may have qualities that make them seem like a good person to have and people keep reassuring themselves that it’s okay because after all, they organized things and they are willing to make tough decisions, etc. etc. But people like that will go after anyone who stands out in a group, either because they perceive that person as attacking them or because that person is just different. 

This isn’t really about Vriska so much since she is really a sort of goofy cartoon character who acts like a braggart and I really wouldn’t describe her as a ‘bitch’ like Hussie does. There aren’t any characters in Homestuck who really act like the type of person I’m describing. But there are real people who act that way and those people can hurt you. Every online community I’ve been a part of has had someone like that and it has resulted in friendships ruined, people getting ostracized just for questioning that person, and really terrible kinds of emotional stress being laid on pretty much everyone, including me. I can safely say that I am a worse person for having known them and that a lot of the things I do that I am not proud of in terms of how I run MSPARP are directly related to experiences with people like that. 

I know that I am in danger of acting that way myself as the owner of MSPARP and I have to struggle against it pretty much all the time, especially knowing that if I do act like that, other people who are affected by it will learn from my behavior to act like that just like I learned from ‘extravagant bitches’ who’ve taken over communities I’m in before. 

I have seen these dynamics play out time and again. I have seen them happening in group chats all over MSPARP and it frightens me because I know people get very attached to a chat group, to the point where they don’t want to leave because they feel like it’s their space, and they are willing to submit themselves to an abusive mod to stay there. But please please please don’t do this. You need to take your friends and get out of there. The damage people like that can do may diminish over time, but it never really goes away. 

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I feel so awkward asking this but how do I ride my boyfriend? recently he asked if it was ok and I want to but I just don't know how to be sexy while doing it... any advice?

Start by straddling, and kinda taking charge. Basically if you’re both naked take his dick in your hand and slowly lower yourself onto him (warning: it feels different when you ride him + your thighs are gonna get a work out)
If he has a headboard or a wall by the top of his bed (or his chest) then rest your hands on it and move yourself up and down and look him in the eyes and maybe kiss him if it won’t be uncomfortable.
OR you can lean back and put your hands on his thighs and arch your back so your boobs look good and tilt your head back and move up and down.
There ya go that’s basically it have fun and communication is key xx

Handle With Care (NSFW)

Title: Handle With Care (NSFW)

Author: haisai_andagii

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff/Jean Grey (implied, not seen)

Kinks: A lot. Read the tags please.  I am so tired.

Synopsis: Steve worries about what his super serum strength might do to his pell-mell paramour; Pietro wants Captain America to throw out his lower back in the middle of a drive-in; Clint just can’t win sometimes.

A/N: Anon Tumblr Request: “Steve keeps being too nice, too hesitant, and treating Pietro like he’s made of glass, because he worries his strength will cause him to inadvertently hurt his lover.  So, a frustrated Pietro takes charge and shows him just how “un-fragile” and ready to go he really is.  No limits! Except that it should be all consensual of course and end happily.”

This is Cap’s Kooky Quartet Era.  Pietro is 19/20 years old.

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Tbh it's not his ideas/feminism that bothers me. It's how in the first avengers film he disregarded some characterization/past movies. That being said, I think joss is an incredible writer I just prefer him in his own world over him taking charge of something preexisting. He wasn't bad with avengers or aou (both incredible movies, I love aou) but I think they could have been better if he didn't have his "I'm joss I can do whatever" mindset and ignore past movies or even characters in the movie.

And that is completely understandable. I would like to say with the first avengers I believe he did the best he could do with the situation he was given he didn’t give enough time or effort with Clint in my opinion  but he was also given limited time to shove all he needed to in there I have not seen aou yet and I believe everyone is upset over Nat but I haven’t seen it yet I was just saying by people bashing him at every opportunity it takes away from the enjoyment of people that truly love his work. Yes I do believe he has gotten quite big headed with his ego…. but ehh cant talk shit there I would probably feel high and mighty as well. and I agree ignore the other sequence of movies and how it effects the phase going on is a big deal but marvel wouldn’t have let it fly if they didn’t approve it so I don’t believe that is all Joss’s fault.

People look at his other work and dissect it so much and pick out whatever they want and criticize it and like I said that ruins it for people who truly enjoy his works and writing. I don’t think that’s fair.

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People are saying she's weak because of the pep talk scene. Literally, tumblr "feminists" are dismissing her because she got a pep talk from a man and now because of that she is not a strong female character. WTF!

*cue infinity laughter* 

Are they fucking serious? Did we watched the same movie? That’s what they saw looking at Wanda? Seriously? 

You know what I saw? I saw a strong woman that went down a wrong path and later realised what she did and tried to change it. I saw a strong woman taking charge and putting herself in harm’s way to save others. I SAW a strong woman making things right and I liked that. 

To me that ‘pep talk’ from Clint was a fatherly advice. He never said ‘you’re weak’, ‘you’re not worthy’ because I had people tell me those things to bring me down. I saw a father figure telling a scared child (because for the brief moment Wanda was back in that building under the bed with a bomb just a few feet away) that she had the power to turn this around, that she can change the world around her and if she made a mistake or two before it doesn’t matter. 

Tumblr has to realise that a strong woman is not defined by her muscle power but by the strength she holds in her soul. Women make mistakes, that doesn’t make them less strong or less worthy it makes them better. WOMEN are more than just their body. WOMEN are extraordinary creatures! 

So yeah, Tumblr can go fuck itself cause I’ve had had enough of them! 

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Look at you, Larice, taking charge and giving directions.Way to go!

“Hey! It’s Niiue again.”
Larice: Oh! Sir, I’m sorry, I-
Niiue: Ey, Ey. Calm down. I saw the whole scene on the tower. Giegue is not our only enemy it seems.
Larice: No..;
Alinivar: Can.. he hear us too?;; Uh..
Zarbol: Yo, high and mighty there! Mind telling us who the hell that was??
Niiue: Well! The greyfaced person was read as a human! They are the primary species of a planet called earth.
Larice: Wh-
Zarbol: Oh you gotta be shitting me. Earth? As in-
Niiue: Yeah, THAT Earth. The one Giegue attacked.
Colonel Saturn: Not Goody.
Niiue: Mmmhm And it gets worse: Earth hasn’t even developed space travel. So not only is he a long way from home, he’s got tech he shouldn’t be anywhere near.
Zarbol: …Ok well we lost the apple to him so now what??
Niiue: Your next destination is Jupiter, so your going to need to travel. Strap in your seatbelts, kids. The parts from Larice’s crashed ship and the parts from another near Saturalia should be sufficient to build a rudimentary spacecraft. One of my Crewmembers says Elmadan can help you with the rest, so I’ll dropship some fuel to your Saturane base. Good luck alright?
Alinivar: A-Alright!
Niiue: Oh, by the way… You have that star I sent you right? As it gathers more strength, it might begin to sound different. Check it out every so often if you feel like it. Okay.. Bye for real this time. Catch you all soon!

Take charge of your attitude. Don’t let someone else choose it for you.

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