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I always wondered for years about this picture, it looked like it was made by Konomi sensei itself. After our ship was sailed now we could find out that it was made by 中田ちき-san, and that there’s nothing less that a “matome” with 40 PAGES!

God I love my ship so much that this gif pretty much explains how I was feeling while seeing it:

Thanks japanese RyoSaku artists for posting complete doujinshis on Pixiv!!!

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punch me in the throat it’s super late and i’m emotional and full of dumb feelings please don’t yell at me here goes

I honestly can’t even put into words how thankful I am to have Prince of Tennis in my life. First year in middleschool was really tough…and shakes head i don’t even want to remember…..

Prince of Tennis seems like they’re just bunch of dorks trying to outgay each other or something…. but when I really wanted an escape, Prince of Tennis was the first thing I wanted to go back to. And I’m really glad I did. 

the opening  and ending songs are really inspiring like they make you want to force yourself to get up in the morning because that’s what tezuka would want or something. 

I don’t really know where I’m going with this but… thank you??? Thank you Konomi-sensei for sharing your talent. 

Thank you for creating something which gave me a fandom and friends. Thank you for creating something that helps me take my mind off things and helps me breathe when life gets suffocating sometimes. Thank you for creating something that cheers me up whenever I feel down. Thank you for sharing something that encourages me to move forward. I owe a lot to you, and I can’t thank you enough.

 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*Happy birthday, Konomi-sensei!*~✧』

Takeshi Konomi drawing all our beloved POT ladies  

From left to right, top to bottom:
Shiba, Chloe, Miyuki, Fuji’s mom,
Tezuka’s mom, Yuki (Akutsu’s mom), Kotoha, Yukari (Shiraishi’s sister),
Nanako (Ryoma’s cousin), Ann, Sakuno,
Young Rinko (Ryoma’s mom), Kaidoh’s mom, Tomoka, Yumiko (Fuji’s sister)

Thank you anon for the list of names!

Original Art from Konomi sensei’s twitter

Okay, so the other day I was looking at Ryosaku fanarts at Pixiv, and suddenly one of them said “Omedetou! (Congratulations!)” and I was like “Uh? But we already got that picture when Ryosaku was pretty much confirmed, and then I decided to search on twitter and found this on Konomi’s account.

Rough translation since japanese users tend to use a lot of slangs or short words on twitter and it’s really confusing, sorry:

Today is Ryoma kun's 

The theme of the next edition for August that will be published at SQ nation wide it’ll be what every Sakuno chan fan was waiting for♪

Ryoma and Sakuno on a date…!?

It’s a must see♡

҉(ㅅ´ ˘ `)҉ (´・c_・`)

Kyaaaaaaaaaa Ryosaku more canon than ever! Oh God my shipping feelings…! Damn you Konomi sensei, you just took my feelings and made them explode….!

It has been months since I read a NPOT chapter, now the wait until August it’s gonna be like hell, I wanted to see Saku chan for like 4 years, for Federer’s sake!

Guys my ship is canon, my ship is canon! *Cries of happines*

In Japan, Ryosaku was trending topic!


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If you want to see the reaction at tt, just go now!

  • Question:How did you decide on giving Tezuka glasses?
  • Konomi:Tezuka is solemn and follows rules strictly. I was aiming for the image of a perfect guy.
  • Question:Please tell us how you came up with famous phrase!
  • Konomi:Tezuka says "Yudan sezu ni ikou" even when his serve cinches the point. The phrase gives off the feeling that he is strict towards himself.
  • Question:When you draw him, are there any points you're concerned about?
  • Konomi:For Tezuka, I take care to make him look somewhat kind even underneath his strictness.
  • Question:Konomi-sensei, if you changed places with him for a day, what would you do?
  • Konomi:Tezuka...his position looks really difficult. I don't want to switch places with him. His injuries are so frequent*...

The TeniPuri episode of Friendship! Effort! Victory! is about to be recorded!

Yes, some time after I announced it was postponed due to backlog issues (read: i didn’t have enough time to make a backlog large enough for my holiday without phoning in this episode), I’ve managed to wrestle myself back round to doing this love letter to sports fans and fujoshi alike, using a plethora of notes and a memory that only really extends as far as the first and last quarters of the title, I’ve got it all back together!

So expect this episode tomorrow, give or take depending on timezone, and get ready, because F!E!V! is back, baby.

(When I release the episode should I put together a cover gallery for TeniPuri? Not like everything ever, but just a bunch of HQ cover scans from WSJ? I think I should)

Q: Konomi-sensei, if you changed places with Sanada for a day, what would you do? A: If I became Sanada, I would yell, “How are you being gentleman-like!” at Yagyuu for his recent non-gentleman-like actions (trickery). Then, I would make him eat my slap, and when he’s still in shock I would look down at him by using “Rai” to run away in a dash. (laughs) Furthermore, I would thickly spread hair gel in Yanagi’s hair to make his hair stand up. Then, I would use “Rai”… (the following is omitted).
—  Takeshi Konomi (Sanada Genichirou)