Takeshi Konomi drawing all our beloved POT ladies  

From left to right, top to bottom:
Shiba, Chloe, Miyuki, Fuji’s mom,
Tezuka’s mom, Yuki (Akutsu’s mom), Kotoha, Yukari (Shiraishi’s sister),
Nanako (Ryoma’s cousin), Ann, Sakuno,
Young Rinko (Ryoma’s mom), Kaidoh’s mom, Tomoka, Yumiko (Fuji’s sister)

Thank you anon for the list of names!

  • Question: How did you decide on giving Tezuka glasses?
  • Konomi: Tezuka is solemn and follows rules strictly. I was aiming for the image of a perfect guy.
  • Question: Please tell us how you came up with famous phrase!
  • Konomi: Tezuka says "Yudan sezu ni ikou" even when his serve cinches the point. The phrase gives off the feeling that he is strict towards himself.
  • Question: When you draw him, are there any points you're concerned about?
  • Konomi: For Tezuka, I take care to make him look somewhat kind even underneath his strictness.
  • Question: Konomi-sensei, if you changed places with him for a day, what would you do?
  • Konomi: Tezuka...his position looks really difficult. I don't want to switch places with him. His injuries are so frequent*...

It seems that our dear Sakuno is about to make another appearance in New Prince of Tennis! From what I can understand from the translation (anyone who has a better translation than google translate, please do PM me and I’ll add the right translation here!) is that she’s going to be cheering for the Japanese representatives of the U-17 Cup on Golden Age 148.5! Aww, I’M SO HAPPY THAT KONOMI TAKESHI IS ACTUALLY DRAWING MORE OF OUR BABY ❤