So this past weekend at Otakon 2017 we made the decision to start writing the next chapter in our lives. Greg was a little surprised, but I proposed and he said yes! We’ve been through a lot the past six years, a lot of ups and a lot of downs but I’m glad that every moment then, now, and everything that is to come I get to experience it with him by my side as my husband.

And true to our nerdy nature, I did it in cosplay, at the Voltron shoot. He’s always been ‘my sunshine’ so I figured there’d be no better way to do it.

Seung Gil being an affectionate drunk is the reason I survived through this week ;~;

I’m in no place to draw anything on this week or next, or another actually. I’m sure I’ll regret making this later


Oha Oha Aniki’s whole preview!