details in “Yuri on Ice” that are refreshing to watch:

Viktor and Yuri are not even the only example:

  • Takeshi and Yuko got married pretty young and had kids right away, and as rowdy as the triplets are, we never see them angry about it? like yeah they have to call them out but they are a very solid couple who support their friends a lot
  • Minako-sensei is likely in her 40s if not at least late 30s already and no one has ever said anything about her age and the fact she is a single and without kids. Sure she might as well be Yuri’s extra mom but she is just another part of the Katsuki family and it is problem to no one that she is not related to them by blood
  • Yurio is genuinely sweet and nice to his grandpa- As grumpy as he can be most of the time, his grandfather is his biggest supporter and he has no problem openly showing his love and praise for the man that represents unconditional love to him
  • Mari is already 30 years old and not only does she work in the family business, but she is also single, with no kids, and no one has ever so much as made a joke about it
  • on that note, do you know how rare it is for there to be a relationship between adult siblings who get along and love each other and that it is overall positive? we see so often in media the importance of young siblings to have each other’s backs and yet here they are adults and they treat each other with care and respect still
  • no one, repeat, no one has made a joke in the show regarding Yuri’s glasses. No “you look better without them” comments, no “four eyes” comments, no rude remarks; he just has them (as does his mom) and no one comments about it thank God 
  • on that note, no one had comments against Viktor or Yurio’s long hair. Yurio’s hair is getting longer? everyone just says he looks great, Viktor’s hair was really long at some point? no negatives about it, just the show letting him look beautiful
  • men get called beautiful a lot in the show!! not even in the “btw no homo” category but just openly and they openly make that a part of their performances, no one is offended from hearing it
  • yes it is ok to rely on another person, no 100% reliability is not shown as a good thing. Be it among lovers or family, they have to stand on their own when the situation calls for it
  • Viktor and Yuri had their first fight and it wasn’t over something petty, thank the lord
  • no anxiety won’t be cured by having someone who loves you, but someone who loves you can try to make you feel better when it hits. Just one episode later we see Viktor keep an eye on Yuri as well as Yuri keeping his earbuds on, as a way to keep the sound of the crowd from affecting his performance.
  • Christophe lost in the Cup of China to Yuri and Phichit, and he wasn’t a sore looser about it, he simply took his medal, smiled for the camera and made sure to qualify for the finals in order to face them again
  • Viktor adapts to the customs of wherever he goes. If people keep their shoes off at home he keeps them off, if people eat with chopsticks he eats with chopsticks, if people bathe in public he bathes in public. Of all things the show could have done with his character, cultural misunderstandings wasn’t one of them.

I could go on but this got long ;)


“I finally found someone that I like. Wearing the same uniform and the same shoes. Sitting in the same class, born in the same year.”

Doukyuusei (同級生) directed by Shouko Nakamura 


Brb I’m calculating how smol Yuuri is against Victor on skates. If Yuuri is 5'8, daddy nikiforov is 5'11, and blades are about 3,14 inches; then he’s now ~6'2 or around 185cm WOW almost the height of NBA players

Also sweetener:

Victor : Our baby will be a great skating star and we’ll be so proud! Oh and imagine that he’s blessed by being born with skates!

Yuuri : Victor. Victor, that’ll haunt me to my nightmares.

Victor : The world will be surprised! First child in history to be born with knife shoes!

Yuuri : …

Victor : Yuuri, why are you silent?

Yuuri : .. I was just thinking

            History sounds like a good name, right?


Yuri on Ice, skaters in their younger years ♥

Nobody asked for this I just wanted to have them all in one spot.

Bonus, the reason we even have this show:

wanna know the literal funniest thing about people who still wanna say “Yuri on Ice” is queer-bating? the show managed to “straight bait” in the very first episode:

we are introduced to Yuuko’s character in episode 1

she is obviously happy to see Yuuri again after a long time

and after Yuuri performs for her, her reaction is this:

she even nearly dropped his glasses!! and then we meet her daughters

and then her husband comes along too

and instead of making some kind of love triangle bullshit with a married person with children the show does this:

and this is true all the way of the show 

even into the finale

look at how proud Yuko and Takeshi are!! their baby rinkmate just broke a World record and it brought them to tears!!

the Nishigori’s interaction with Yuuri sold me on the show in episode 1 ok, the friendship among these 3 is in my opinion, under-rated. I love Viktuuri, but I wasn’t fully sold on that one until episode 3 maybe 4. 

So yeah, please let this become the next trend: more male-female friendships that are treated as something important without having to have romantic undertones.


this time a khr x mm crossover!!

I chose Reborn as Rika so I can keep the “RFA” lololol

Anyway… I realize there might be better matches? Like Saeran would probably suit Enma more, Saeyoung could be teenage Reborn etc… but I just went this so most main characters are the Vongola Guardians

Instead of worrying about Hibird (Elly) and Hibird Projects, Assistant Dokuro is more concerned about Mr. Hibari’s tendecy to take out his tonfas during his meetings.

Some more stuff:

Ryohei is Tom lmao

I thought Hana would suit Vanderwood… she can keep kicking Takeshi’s ass