aa aa, i love the ddiwt gang so much !!
their friendship is sweet, and i really like the little things that changed about the whole gang in season 2,,
like, the gang in koh’s route

like, you can tell that ichigo’s overall a lot nicer to mc? he teased her a lot in season 1 in certain routes
but like, he’s overall pretty supportive of her
and that rihito’s a lot less cynical, a lot less teasing
like, i mentioned before that before mc was uncomfortable from how much he changed, but she then proceeds to call him a sweetheart in reiji’s substory and,,,
i love

i’m just really happy with the way the gang matured, still keeping their overall dynamic

another thing i’m fond of is how mc is known to cook for them really often, and how much they brag about her cooking !!

Hoshidan Festival: Mozu and Kiragi Parent-Child Convo

Aaaaand Kiragi’s scarily cheerful bloodthirstiness makes another appearnace. He’s starting to remind me of Yamamoto Takeshi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Cheerful, widely loved, and a cinnamon roll that can actually kill you and smile while he’s at it.

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#khrweek day 5 : lightning [option b : favorite arcFuture Arc]
My flames…..Were born in the world you`ve taken over. These are everyone`s flames! The fact that you`ve hurt all those innocent people….. I`LL MAKE YOU REGRET IT!”.