Toraware no Palm Dancing Time!

While everyone waits for the iPad to be set up they decide to fill the time with dancing!

Washizaki-san says Yuma’s dance skills are pretty snappy whereas Ume-chan is a bit stiff XDD

[Starring Uchida Yuma & Umehara Yuichiro!] “Toraware no Palm” Special Livestream Commemorating Aoi’s Chapter! (2016.10.21)
Washizaki Takeshi & Hashimoto Kenichi (Capcom Representative)
Uchida Yuma & Umehara Yuichiro

gays on ice

i wrote more fic bc im trash. read it here on ao3. its a high school au in which victor is a fucking painter bc why tf not

“Yuuri,” Yuuko says warningly, very slowly, her voice going low as she creeps a little closer, “Don’t panic, but Victor is coming towards us.”

His eyes widen, and he can feel his cheeks get red, “H-here?” he squeaks out, fingers tightening around the straps of his bag, swallowing and trying not to run away. His hands are sweaty.

“He’s gonna blow,” Takeshi mutters, from where he’s leaning against the wall of school lockers, arms crossed over his chest, looking down at the floor, shuffling his feet, “And I bet he’s gonna blow Victor’s d -”

“Takeshi!” Yuuko hisses, whacking him with one of her history books, and he winces, rubbing at his shoulder, muttering something that sounds suspiciously like “you know it’s true”. Yuuko looks like she’s about to scold him again, brow furrowed, her pink lips pursed as she looks at him, but then she startles when they all hear a deep, way too familiar voice.

“Hello, Yuuri.”

He can feel every muscle in his body tense at once, as if by command, and he shuts his eyes. God, can Victor hear his breathing? Probably, if it’s as half as loud as it sounds to him. Shit. His eyes snap open again. Is he wearing his “I heart Nikiforov” badge? If there is mercy in this world, he’s left it at home, he has to have left him at home -

“I love the badge, by the way.”

There is no god.

“You should probably turn around, Katsuki,” Takeshi offers cheerfully, now giving them his full attention, looking like he’s enjoying himself completely. Yuuko glares at him, sends Yuuri a sympathetic smile, and grabs her boyfriend by the arm, pulling him away, ignoring his half-choked protests.

As terrifying as it sounds, Takeshi is actually right for once. So Yuuri turns on his heels, hoping his blush has gone down slightl, and then he’s facing Victor Nikiforov, right there in front of him, for the first time since he was ten.

Unfortunately, Victor is still unfairly and breathtakingly beautiful.

His hair looks a bit darker than when he was fourteen (and Yuuri totally doesn’t have a chart in his rooms that’s titled “the variation of pigment in Victor Nikiforov’s hair affected by time and meteorological phenomena”, and Mari never found it. It never happened.), but it somehow works, as if he’s aged (like a fine wine, Minako would say, winking and elbow jab included) in every way possible. Victor remains the tallest person Yuuri has ever known, easily towering over him, lithe and slim, with an almost irritatingly perfect nose (but nothing about Victor could ever be irritating) and endless blue eyes.

“Yuuri,” Victor smiles, looking pure and angelic and too much , “There’s usually two people in a conversation, you know.”

He startles, looking down at his feet and blushing again, because god , he’s so embarrassing. “Y-yeah, sorry. What did you want to say?”

Victor takes a step forward. Just a tiny one, about as big as his self-confidence, but it still feels like he’s crowding Yuuri, because damn it, he’s not used to this. Every person in this planet should get an adjustment period to Victor Nikiforov before getting to see him at less than two meters away.

“Well, I wanted to ask if we could work together for our end of the year project,” Victor cocks his head, smiling again, his hair falling into place as he leans closer to Yuuri, his school uniform jacket, slightly open, giving him a glimpse of his collarbones.

“Our p-project?” Yuuri squeaks. He sounds like a mouse being tortured.

“Yeah,” Victor smiles, “I want to paint you. I could be the model for you, too, if you wanted.”

Yuuri can see the headlines: High School Student Deceased After Deadly Encounter With Dangerous Local Playboy. His mother gives a statement in page 3.

“You want to paint me,” Yuuri repeats, not sure he’s hearing right.

“That’s right,” Victor beams, cheeks a bit pink, “I think you’re beautiful!”

“You think I’m b-beautiful,” Yuuri isn’t sure this isn’t another one of his weird dreams Mari likes to tease him about. Well. They end with fewer heart attacks and more ridiculously sappy hand holding.

“Who wouldn’t?” Victor gives him a teasing smirk, gesturing with his hands at him, and Yuuri turns away a little, coughing to hide the strangled sound in his throat.

“So?” Victor gets even closer to him, almost cornering him against the lockers, and Yuuri holds his bag up to shield himself, only remembering belatedly he still has the “I heart Nikiforov” badge on it, and decides that he’s going to burn it when he gets home.

Or maybe. Maybe he’ll just leave it in his box, with the other…stuff.

“Would you be alright with being my inspiration, Yuuri?” Victor asks, hushed and warm, looking at him with such intensity that it burns.

And Yuuri…well, he’s never been good at running away from danger.


Mostly for my own reference, but feel free to reblog it if you want–the girls we currently know in Yuri!!! on Ice (roughly in order of introduction):

  • Minako:  Yuri’s ballet teacher of many years, famous ballerina who has traveled the world
  • Katsuki Hiroko:  Yuri’s mom, an excellent cook and welcoming hostess
  • Katsuki Mari:  Yuri’s older sister, has a crush on a member of a boy band
  • Nishigori Yuko:  Yuri’s childhood crush, married to their mutual friend Takeshi, obsesses over Victor with Yuri, mother of triplets
  • Axel, Lutz, and Loop:  Yuko and Takeshi’s triplets, obsessed with figure skating, social media gurus, devious and only 6 years old

Interestingly, and I’ve said this before, generally speaking love interests are introduced within the first few episodes.  Yuri’s circle is small enough that half of the adult women he knows are family.  For what it’s worth, I had no idea Mari was his sister, but their relationship makes a lot more sense to me now.

Wikipedia says he had a crush on Yuko when they were kids (which I absolutely believe, she’s so sweet and cute), but she’s happily married with triplets.  (And since they’re six, we know Yuko and Takeshi were (most likely) married before Yuri left for the U.S.  He’d been gone for something like five years, right?  And their kids are six now.)

When Victor asks about Minako, he protests immediately, and not in a way that would suggest he’s trying to hide a crush (in my opinion).  We’ve seen stronger reactions to Victor’s come-ons, than to his asking if he likes Minako.  It looked to me that he didn’t want to talk about crushes with his crush.  I mean, awkward, right?

As an aside, I wish we could see Mari’s room.  I want to know how many posters she has of that boy band and the member she likes.  If she does, I’d be willing to call that a parallel with Yuri’s… admiration for Victor.  (It’s just a lot of posters, you know?  And they’re all pretty.)

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#S W A G

I’ve been watching the classic Voltron lately, so I just had to draw these space dorks in their late 80s outfits :v

I can’t stop laughing at Sven (Shiro) and Pidge’s voices THEY SOUND SO RIDICULOUS ajkdhjash.ah god help me XD But seriously tho the classic ones are always the best. <3

Hope you guys enjoy!