Week 1: Expression Head Shots

i’ve decided to start a little personal project, where each sunday i’ll post some raichi fanart. its basically a way for me to contribute to his tag on a regular basis, because i love my son.

avier wasn’t sure about coming to roommate if he was to be completely honest with himself. he only properly agreed for both the publicity and the fact his mother would be visiting china and he didn’t want to live alone for the duration of her stay. he made his way leisurely to the front door, there was a part of avier that was excited beyond comprehension. he did always like to meet to new people and adventure around korea, he expected many members of the cast would be korean and therefore could tell him of some places he could go. he knocked loudly on the door, once it had been opened he bowed politely. “hello. i’m xu xianhau, but you can call me avier. please take care of me.”