Tonight! I will be showcasing work from my “Here, Take These” series and doing a live art performance with my dear friend @dinnerplatesofperfection at UCSD for their new group on campus, the Black Art Collective. Would love to see all of your beautiful faces there tonight. Come suppose black voices in the arts and grab some flowers from ya boy.


Dear Friends and Followers

I’ll be off for the next 2 Weeks heading once again into the heart of the Swiss Alps. For shure there I’ll find winter season with a lot of snow.

The last years I always went on these trips with a bag full of lenses and gear. But this time I will take the challenge with just one camera and a fixed lens and no further equipment. Looking forward to this whole different approach and curious to see how I will cope with this minimal setting.

You all have a creative and wonderful time and I’ll see you again very soon!

Peace & Happiness, Enzo!


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Hello everyone

I’ve been so busy lately with school, and I’ll probably be that way for a while.

I’ve promised a part two to my one shot requests, and for other requests to be written. However, I need a break.

This blog has been a lot of fun for a long time, but I think it’s time for a break.

High school has gotten more tough, and I really need to weigh my options.

I need to figure out what I’m gonna do with my life at the moment.

I will come back, but as of now, I need a hiatus.

I will be on every once in a while to check what’s new and keep up to date on the fandom.

However, I must do this for me.

I thank each and every one of you for following and supporting my blog. It really felt nice to meet some people who have the same interests as I.

I really love this blog and I will keep it forever, even when I’m married with kids.

But as of now, I must take a break from social media and entertainment industry for a while, so I can get back on track with school.

Maybe one day I’ll post part two, if I do ever have a chance to write.

But I will see you soon.

With love,



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In which I test faster than everyone else

Day 3!
I’ve completely completed three days of boards, an adjunctive minor surgery test, and the state formulary exam. Now just one more test between me and never taking a test again- an hour long test on state laws of practice.

On every single freaking section I’ve been the first out by at least 15 minutes. It’s insane. The first day I almost gave myself an ulcer worrying about it, but it was so consistent for every other testing period that I guess this is just the dynamic for the group. I am not normally the first one out. Maybe one of the first 10, usually.

And I’ll find out results “in 6 to 8 weeks” due to “rigorous post test analysis” because I guess running scantrons takes that long.

Anyway, thanks tumblr. I’ve often learned additional mnemonics or read stories of presentations or heard catchy songs because of you, and I know I’m more comfortable with pharmacology because of you than the average naturopath might be. Tumblr is totes studying some days.

Dear followers!

Hi pals, if this post comes out of my queue, it means that I’m either taking a break from tumblr, or I just forgot to set it back further (Jesus icecream get your stuff together)

I hope that I set up some stuff in my queue other than this, if not, um..expect me back in a day TOPS! SO DON’T WORRY IF I’M ABSENT I’LL BE BACK SOON (tumblr addict over here bahaha)