Let’s talk about the Alternate Universe in s12 for a moment. Specifically, in its relation to Sam.

Remember how Dean and pretty much anyone else blamed Sam for the apocalypse? Remember how, even now, it’s still something that he drags around, being the one who freed Lucifer and caused the apocalypse? Can you imagine the burden this is for him, the pressure it puts on him to not make the same mistake again? Remember how a second apocalypse was the only thing that stopped him from saying yes in s11?

Now, let’s think about this for a moment. Without Sam in this other universe… how could it be possible that the apocalypse still happened, when it was his fault? I mean, we know Mary existed and John did at one point too, so up until then it was probably a very similar universe, don’t you agree? So, how come the apocalypse happened without Sam, when he’s apparently responsible for it?

Easy answer: Because he is not! And he never was!

Obviously, which is proven by canon now, Sam was never the one responsible for the apocalypse to happen. In a different universe, it happened without him - with much worse outcomes! This means that every single time Sam has been accused of causing the apocalypse - openly or not - it simply wasn’t true. Because even without Sam ever existing, it would have happened anyway!

It just happened that, due to different circumstances, Sam was the one to break the last seal. With different circumstances, someone else would have done it. In the end, Sam was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time and that’s canon!

In reality, Sam was the one who prevented the worst. He was the one who ended all of this by jumping into the pit - with Michael and Lucifer!

So, the next time anyone dares to hold the apocalypse against Sam to prove how horrible and bad he is, remind them of that. Because, no matter what, in the end, Sam saved the world and did not destroy it. It was destroyed without him!

Okay can we talk about the look that Ian gives Mickey when Mickey says that Ian had his back more than his family ever did?

 How tragic is that Ian is shocked when Mickey said that because he has realized just how untrue that is? He clearly knows that Mickey is giving him entirely too much credit. He completely recognizes that he wasn’t actually there for Mickey nearly as much as Mickey seems to remember, and he feels bad because if the limited amount of times that Ian backed him up is considered more than his family… Then Ian is finally realizing just how alone Mickey always was. Looking in Ian’s eyes and seeing that regret and that shame honestly made me forgive him instantly because it was made painfully clear that he knew how much of an ass he was and he feels bad for it (though I had already mostly excused him because he was unmedicated, but this took the cake). I feel like this is something that a lot of Ian haters seem to overlook is the fact that Ian clearly knows that he fucked up and clearly knows that he was horrible to Mickey and that he doesn’t deserve him anymore and that is just so upsetting to see him recognize that. 

Who’s to say that Ian wasn’t constantly wrestling with his guilt at knowing that in the end he wasn’t a very good boyfriend to Mickey even before this moment? (Obviously I know it wasn’t his fault, but try telling that to Ian… especially in this moment.) He recognized that he did build a wall between him and Mickey that hurt both of them. That wall was built when he broke up with him in 5x12, I argue to protect Mickey from hurting if Ian decided to remain unmedicated, but also to protect himself from the pain of knowing he would be hurting Mickey, and also to protect himself from Mickey eventually leaving (which I have no doubt Ian saw happening while his plan was still to keep off his meds). When Mickey punched him in the arm for not visiting him, I felt all of that built up pain and resentment for being abandoned and my heart broke so much. Imagine the resentment he was burying deep up until that moment. All of the visitation days he was waiting, hoping, for Ian to show up and never did. The letters he may have started but never sent because he knew he wouldn’t get a response. So literally all he had in prison was the memory of their relationship and his confidence that if he got to see Ian on his meds that Ian would be back to his Ian, or at least closer, and that they could make it work. Then my heart double broke when I saw the shame in Ian’s eyes for knowing he abandoned Mickey… 

Guys, I am so not fucking okay. I am so far from okay.

Patience yields focus.

I’m watching house hunters with my mom and it’s a single woman with three cats And her friend is with her and he made some comment about coming along to prioritize her and humans over the cats And like she’s talking about how nice the cabinets in the kitchen are for the cats and he’s like ‘the kitchen isn’t a jungle gym for the cats’