It‘s nearly 5 pm. We‘ve been suffering another storm for some weeks now.
Creepy thumbnails, hidden tags, zalgo everywhere, more changed bios by the minute, glitches in the facecam… We got hit hard. Very hard.
And today – in a few minutes, to be exact – everything should end. We discovered today‘s date in the HTML of his Tumblr‘s blog, sneakily hidden in the source code for us to find… Shit was going to go down today.
But what if… we use Anti‘s weakness?
What happens if we all spam the tag with fucking circles when the time is right?


I can‘t believe this took me nearly two hours… what am I doing with my life

(Here are all the peeps I mentioned here! :D @hufflepufftrax  @miharukano @archivefullofyoutubers @marielgum @catsandr0ckmusic  @aceofspades-lena @fear-is-nameless @no-strings-puppet )

New background for my new theme! Thought I’d post it in case anyone wants to use it or just see it without posts in front.


this is by far my favorite moment in the mbmbam seeso series and honestly we don’t talk about it enough


You like animated movies?



While a bit generic story wise [okay ALOT], it’s still WONDERFULLY ANIMATED, HAS GREAT DESIGNS, AND IS SUPER CUTE AND FUN!

It stars a Cobra who wants to be somewhere he isn’t an outcast, and falls in love with a green snake who is then taken away by a dude who can control snakes and makes them dance for money and such.

It’s a nice movie and deserves some love, and is a good family picture. [ It is a proper rating of 7+ if that helps any}

They have fun with the animated snakes, with cool designs and nice body movement.

Each snake has their own flare and just really nice to see.

Its really a nice movie friends Plus…ITS ON NETFLIX! So if you have that watch it! Give it a good review too!

So please check it out!

The true leap of faith is jumping even if you can’t see the hay stack

Osomatsu-san OP3 ENGLISH TRANSLATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Versión en español aquí!

OP1: Hanamaru pippi wa yoiko dake 

OP2: Zenryoku batankyu

Was waiting patiently for days for an English translation of OP3 to be released. Now I’m waiting for the ED3 lyrics to be released. (Please someone release the ED3 lyrics already!!!! :( Not even the Japanese lyrics have been released yet! )

Sorry if all the moving lines were annoying, but I like to “rice” my OPs. I know it’s more boring compared to my OP1/OP2 animations but this OP isn’t as exciting as the other OPs IMO. This is the best I could do :/

I got the original translation from:


If you’re wondering this (and the other OPs) was done in Aegisub.

Now to translate this into Spanish later with my horrible Spanish skills. 

Little translation note about the “Hope you enjoy/osomatsu san” line at the end of the video. This was from @sunnydayscans  translation of OP1 and it also applies to this OP.

 おそまつさん (osomatsusan) is a (rarely used) shortening of the phrase “osomatsu sama deshita,” being an “expression of humility said by the person who provided a meal after it is eaten.” The fandom on Pixiv has also adopted it to mean “thanks for reading.” Obviously, it is also the title of this show.

Thanks for all the likes and reblogs! You have no idea how thankful I am for these! :3 

Things Age Regressors Love

❤️ Regressing
💛 Stuffed animals
💚 Cartoons
💙 Animated Movies
💜 Fruit Juice
❤️ Playgrounds
💛 Soft Blankets
💚 Comfy PJs
💙 Cute Bottles/Sippy cups
💜 Fuzzy socks
❤️ Candy/Treats
💛 Blanket Forts
💚 Hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows
💙 Adventures
💜 Oversized Hoodies/Sweaters