i feel like guan shan is the type of person who pretends to not get scared during horror movies when he actually does but despite that he still enjoys them immensely, while he tian is the type of person who doesn’t get the appeal of horror movies because they’re ridiculous and the characters acts like idiots most of the time

this of course until they watch a horror movie together and guan shan spends the entire time making jokes about the stupid things the characters do and clinging tightly to him during scary scene. he tian teases him to no end about it, but when they go to bed later that night, guan shan snuggles closer to him and he tian thinks that horror movies are not so bad after all

was tagged by the fabulous @dracoangelz to post 3 fictional characters that describe me. Will post from mobile so it’s gif spam. I tag @argustar, @grumpthelump, @wonderlandcrows, @chevroneightlocked, @chupacabrasmustdie, @ladyemfridtrevelyan, @nyghtlei, @helluvawriter @pavedwithhearts @blanska @noseforahtwo @cullenstairshenanigans @cantkeepmyeyesoff @dansey-pants @puppypopcornpizza and everyone who wants to do it (of course only if you want, no presure here). Have fun. Here is me in 3 gifs:

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Spam and Tag Abuse

Yo yo!! How is everyone? Good I hope! :D

So there seems to be an influx of random accounts who are not part of the fandom just posting links to sites with stuff like “10 conveniently timed photos” or “Top 5 weird positions” etc. etc., you know the type. Nothing but clickbait to make you visit the site. However they seem to be abusing the tag system to be put in popular tags so more people will see their nonsense. 

They look like this

If you see any of these I would love if you guys could report or flag them, I’ve been trying my best already to do it but there’s so many of them and they literally have nothing to do with the tags they mention, just abusing it to get more clicks. It sucks to see that stuff in the middle of all the lovely regular posts from you guys and I don’t want it to become a sea of spam we all hate venturing into :)

honestly though like ghostbusters was so refreshing? I know it isn’t the first movie to do this but it’s so rare to have huge budget films portray women in the way ghostbusters did. the women in this movie got to have dramatic battle montages and scream and slap each other and shoot lasers and get covered in ectoplasm and get dirty and gross and tired and have sweat stains on their clothes. they got to have weird expressions and fat rolls and double chins and awkward angles and unflattering positions and clothing without any “hahahaha it’s okay we’re actually supermodels!!!” moments. they were shown as literal geniuses!!!!! as smart and capable and strong and none of it was backed up with “I have seven brothers” or “I had [male mentor] teach me everything I know.” the entire premise was based on incredibly smart and ambitious women who had nothing they did defined by men (even the ~romantic subplot~ was played for comedy and hardly even considered romantic). this movie is so important and I’m so glad it’s been made.


It seems the spam accounts are back and far FAR worse than ever. They’re posting hundreds of the exact same posts in the “jacksepticeye” tag and other youtubers too. It’s completely blocking the tag and my ability to see or interact with you all. EDIT: apparently it’s ALL of tumblr, that’s crazy. Tumblr need to do something about it

I’ve been flagging all of them as much as I can but there’s so many of then today for some reason. Just a reminder DO NOT interact with these posts. Don’t give them notes, likes, reblogs and especially don’t click into the stuff they post, it’s all clickbait nonsense to try and make ad money from you. Do not give them what they want. They’re even using people’s instagram pics and art for their profile pics to make them seem more legit.

Please just flag and report all of the ones you see and nothing more. Hopefully they will die down after a while and disappear. I would really appreciate it because right now I cant even see what you guys are posting in the tag.

- Jack


If you haven’t seen it yet, John Oliver just released an amazing video discrediting Donald Trump. You may not have time to watch it right now, but please, right now, go google “donald drumpf” and/or “donald j drumpf”. For those of you who can’t watch the video, “Drumpf” was the original name of Trump’s family, but it was changed to Americanize it, which Trump recently attacked Jon Stewart for doing. Please, this is both hilarious and a great way to discredit someone who stands a very terrifying chance of being the Republican presidential nominee. Once you do it, reblog this post and spread the word.

And if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can buy a Make Donald Drumpf Again hat from the HBO store (I will be doing the same)


”I ride in on an elk, played by a horse named Moose. Moose is the biggest horse in New Zealand. I had this one day when I was shooting with him where I would say my line. He could feel it coming and would start kind of moving out of his mark. And it would never fail. I would say “We have come to tell you”, and then he would start moving.” - Lee Pace

BTS of “The Hobbit” spam (76/100)