COAT: Alice’s Pig SHOES: T.U.K  TIGHTS: Aliexpress PURSE: Aliexpress BERET: F21

It’s getting so cold here it’s already starting to snow! I won’t be surprised if this is my last outdoor photoshoot for some time. But I’m glad it was in this Debbie’s Dallas coat in red! This is definitely one of the greatest things in my closet…I fell in love. Alice’s Pig is a London based brand that has such a quirky retro style I haven’t really discovered outside of subcultures of J-Fashion. Red and blue are two of my favorite colors, and this coat is so well made it’s amazing. It’s extremely soft, heavy weight, durable. I went one down from my usual size for a better fit. It’s truly timeless.

My red beret is back in New York still, so I thought I’d be rebellious and match the coat with burgundy. What’s better then these TRUE kitten heels by T.U.K ?! THEY’RE VELVET!!! So adorable! I’ve been a T.U.K fan for some time and to finally own a pair my life is complete. Oh, and they’re vegan! Plaid wool blend coat and velvet shoes, oh I’m truly embracing autumn right now you guys. 



Can’t Sleep Love Music Video: Mitch

Mitch looked gorgeous (as usual) in this crazy outfit! He makes it work somehow.

His suit is the Topman Palm Print Skinny Blazer $160 ON SALE $110 and the Topman Palm Print Ultra Skinny Pants $70 ON SALE $50

His shirt is the Gucci Wicker Print Silk Crepe Shirt $915

His shoes are the T.U.K Black and Pink Glitter Wrap Mondo Viva Creepers $95.50 SOLD OUT (post here) worn with the Paul Smith Multicolor Pink Rainbow Stripe Socks $30 (post here)


I still can’t even deal with this outfit….Japan Kirstie is now my favorite Kirstie. Minus the wig, I’ve found all the individual components of this outfit so I figured I’d do a recap post!

Kirstie’s shirt is the Kenzo Micro Flying Flare Sleeve Shirt $910 ON SALE $546 (post here)

Her shorts are the UNIF Motor City Shorts $120 SOLD OUT (post here)

Her tights are the Mod Cloth Wherefore Art Thou, Ro-Meow? Tights $14.99 (post here)

Her shoes are the T.U.K. Nosebleed Platform Boot $110 (post here)