Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) (Vdeo


Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)


Automancy - a science fiction movie about fate and free will, starring Maggie Q as Cassandra and Chad Michael Murray as Apollo

Mankind never made it to space but they have gone inward, digitizing life and personality, moving into a simulated reality called T.R.O.Y.  Those who still live part-time on what is left of Earth maintain TROY and inhabit the last livable structure on earth, the slowly-dying Olympus complex.

Mitchell Apollo has been maintaining the primary TROY core without oversight for decades, and when Cassandra Diem tries to get involved he makes an ill-fated attempt to distract her through seduction.  

She catches just enough of a glimpse of the algorithms and data structures to see her fears made manifest – there is no randomness in the decisions made by the supposedly sentient people inhabiting the digital world.

Although she shows a remarkable ability to now predict the decisions of the entire digitized human race, no one will believe her when she tells them joining TROY permanently is effective death of your free will.  

Now she must fight against Apollo and the other powerful members of his family in an attempt to keep the final enclave of humanity free and, arguably, alive.

Give me your favorite myth or legend or god or goddess and I will fancast and create a modern adaptation/aesthetic


Pete Rock & CL Smooth - T.R.O.Y (1992) (Flashback Friday)