[FANACCOUNT - 042317 Japan Dome Tour 2017/DDay] Seungri & Daesung received a call from T.O.P this morning…

trans: According to this OP, Seungri mentioned that he received a call from TOP this morning, Daesung also said he received a call from TOP. Apparently TOP has a 2-hour break and so he specially gave them a call. Daesung then stop Seungri from saying further because the content might not be shareable!

source: @acrobrick + trans by bb.translations

Bang bang alley ~ Part three, series two

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A/N ~ So again for the purpose of the fic everything in italics is being spoken in English. I hope y'all are ready for this….

Theme ~ Mafia/Gangster AU

Pairing ~ Choi Seunghyun x Reader

Rating ~ Drama/angst/smut/fluff

Warnings ~ Language/Violence/Twists haha

“So who was that in the car last night?” you asked as you drove your shin in to the punching bag.

“Good but a little higher, you want to reach their side” Daesung ordered as he circled around you.

“Ok but your changing the subject” you said as you did as he told.

“You know I can’t talk about it” he stated, stopping directly behind you.

“I wish you would all stop treating me with kiddie gloves, I think I have proven that I’m not some weak little girl that you have to keep in the dark” you said angrily as you kicked the bag extra hard, it swung wildly back and forth.

“Tell him that” Daesung said as he grabbed the bag stopping its motion.

“Ok I will” you shouted in frustration as you began to leave the room.

“He’s not here” Daesung said making you stop in your tracks.

“Where is he?” you asked turning back to him.

“He and Jiyong went to meet someone”

“Who?” you asked, Daesung just looked at you silently. “I know…. you can’t talk about it, but I feel like I’m going crazy being locked up in this place”

“Because of your nightmares?”

You sat down with a loud sigh and laid back on the cool wooden floor.

“They just keep replaying over, there suffocating me and there’s nothing I can do to escape them” you confessed. You weren’t sure what it was about Daesung that made you feel comfortable around him, maybe it was is quiet temperament or the fact that he had helped save you a few times or just because out of all of them besides Seung hyun he was the one you had had the most contact with.

Daesung walked over and sat beside you, looking the other way, he knew you well enough now that you felt eye contact was to intimate when you spoke about these things.

“What happens in your dreams?”

“Lots of things”

“Is there one that plays on your mind in particular?”

“There was one……. we were running to the van when Seung hyun was shot, he was laying beside me yelling something but I couldn’t hear it, when he was shot in the head………. I looked back to see who it was……..” you paused staring at the roof.

“Who was it?” Daesung asked softly.

“Me….. I held the gun up to my lips and said ‘shhh he’s sleeping’ just like…..” you caught yourself before the words could fall from your lips.

“Like who?” Daesung asked as he looked at you.

“No one, never mind” you said as you sat up.

“How did your father die?” he asked, you glanced at him before looking away again.

“Why would you ask me about him now?”

“I’m just trying to change the subject like you want to” he said as he gave you a nudge with his elbow.

“He was hit by a drunk driver, he died instantly” you said unable to look at him because of your blatant lie.

“Are you sure he’s dead?” as soon as he asked your breath hitched in your chest.

“Why would you ask that?”

“Things happen, people lie, even if it is to the ones they love. Sometimes they feel like a lie will save someone from heart ache or something much worse, like you”

“What do you mean like me?” you looked at him in a panic.

“You told Seung hyun you didn’t love him because you thought it would save his future and keep him with his family”

Seung hyun and Jiyong sat on the couch, looking around at the run down hotel room as they waited for your father to come back.

So tell me, what is she like?” he asked as he placed a few glasses on the table before opening a bottle of whiskey and pouring it out.

She’s strong willed” Seung hyun said as he picked up the glass and took a sip, Jiyong sat in silence, watching the man.

Ah she got that from me” he said proudly with a chuckle.

If you don’t mind, why is it she thinks your dead?” Seung hyun asked nonchalantly, your father nodded before picking up his glass and took a sip.

I’m not proud of it but I had an affair, her mother found out and took her away, I didn’t even know she was pregnant with the twins until I found out about the fire on the tv. They never mentioned _____ in the news so I figured she must have gotten out or had been sent away, I’ve been looking for ever since”

How did you know she was here?” Jiyong finally spoke up, your father seemed slightly taken aback that he could speak english.

Well a few months back there was photos of a girl with a Korean guy plastered all over the news back home, he was killed, shot in the head but they couldn’t find his fiancé. As soon as I saw her picture I knew it was her, she looks just like her mother did at that age. So I came here in hope that I would find her, it was just my luck that I stumbled on her shopping one day, so I followed her back to your place” he said with a smile, Jiyong narrowed his eyes at him. “I would really like to see her, so I can catch up on all that time I lost when she was growing up”

I’m not sure if that’s the best thing right now” Seung hyun said coldly.

I can see your very protective of her, I’m glad she has someone looking out for her”

We all are” Jiyong added, it was your fathers turn to narrow his eyes at Jiyong.

I will think it over and let you know” Seung hyun said as he stood up and shook his hand.

“Do you think we can trust him?” Jiyong asked as soon as they left the hotel room.

“I think it will be good for her, take her mind off what happened” Seung hyun said as they made their way down the stairs and towards the car.

“I have a bad feeling about him hyung”

“Relax, he’s just a poor old guy who wants to reunite with his daughter” Seung hyun said getting into the car.

“Come out little one, I promise I won’t hurt you” the man holding the glittering red hammer called out.

You whimpered slightly when the gaps between the wooden slats of the door darkened before light quickly appeared again letting you know the man had passed your hiding spot.

“Where’s mommy?” a little boys voice called, you had to hold your hands over your mouth just so your gasp couldn’t be heard.

“Mommy’s gone, come with me and I will take you to her” the man replied.

You moved as quietly as you could up to the door and looked out one of the gaps, one of your brothers was holding the man’s hand as he lead him to his bedroom.

“Come lay here with your brother and I will send you both to your mother” the man said shortly before the sound of muffled screams.

“No” you yelled waking yourself up, you were covered in sweat and panting again.

Without bothering to look if Seung hyun was beside you, you got up and left the room, you headed for the bathroom.

“He’s blinded by love” Jiyong’s voice stopped you. “ There’s something about this guy, the way he holds himself seems staged”

“Well just the fact he lied about how he found her, he was hanging around here a week before that” Daesung replied.

“Are you really going to let hyung bring this guy here?” Taeyang asked.

“I have no choice” Jiyong replied with a sigh.

“She knows something that she’s not telling us I can see it in her eyes when I …..” Daesung paused, you knew you had been caught out again so you quickly walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind you.

While you were in there you heard nothing but silence outside, you figured they had taken the conversation else where or gone to bed. Thinking it was clear you decided to head back out, when you got to the kitchen you saw Daesung at the bench, his back was to you while he was fiddling around with something.

“Everything ok noona?” Daesung asked over his shoulder.

“Yes” you simply replied.

“Here, I made you a coffee” Daesung said with a smile as he placed a mug on the table.”I thought seeing as you were up we could start training early today”

“Ok, now drive your elbow up and back towards my head” Daesung said as he held one of your arms behind your back, his other arm around your waist.

You did as he said but stopped short of hitting him.

“Good but I want you to do it with more force this time, don’t worry about hitting me”

“But I might hurt you” you said looking back at him.

“You need to practice for a real life situation” he replied in a serious tone, you nodded before driving your elbow back as you let out a primal like guttural scream but you still stopped short of hitting him.

“Good but you will give it away if you yell, just like your breathing when you’re sneaking around at night” he said with a chuckle.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” you said making him chuckle again.

“How much did you hear last night?” he questioned as he tightened his grip on your arm making it harder for you to move.

“Hear what?” you grunted as you went through the motion of driving your elbow back again.

“You’re almost a good liar but you need to learn to control your body and your eyes, they give you away”

You were thinking of what to say, you wanted to ask him what they were talking about but you knew he wouldn’t answer anyway, not when it was about business.

“Hyung wants her up stairs” Seungri called from the doorway, Daesung nodded at him as he released you.

You picked up your towel and dried the sweat from your face before heading for the door.

“Noona” Daesung called stopping you from leaving.

“Yeah?” you asked as turned to look back at him.

“You know you can trust me right?” he asked looking away from you to pick up his drink bottle.

“Yes….” you replied cautiously wondering where this was going.

“I’m here for you if you ever need help with anything……. anything” he put an extra emphasis on the last word as he looked at you, the same look he gave you the other night after he and Seung hyun went down to that car.

You didn’t say anything, instead you just nodded before heading up stairs. You wondered what he was up to, all the questions he had been asking lately and all the extra secrecy they all seemed to be keeping from you.

The room went quiet as soon as you entered, the guys were sat on the couch except for Taeyang, he was stood by the window silently looking out on to the street.

“Hey, how was training?” Seung hyun asked as he got up from the couch and walked over to you.

“What’s going on?” you asked as you noticed a man sitting in a chair with his back to you.

I have a surprise for you” Seung hyun said with a smile making you furrow your brow.

“Why are you speaking english?” you asked looking at the others, Jiyong was watching you, his face was stern.

Because your father doesn’t speak Korean”

Your eyes widened at him, did he really just say that?

You looked over at the others, Jiyong was still watching you, his eyes seemed to be studying you. You remembered what Daesung had told you about your tells, you calmed yourself internally as you walked in to the lounge room, you couldn’t let them know. You almost blew it when your eyes landed on the man, he was sat in the chair smiling at you as if nothing was wrong with this situation, it made your blood boil and all you wanted to do was wipe that smug look of his face. He was up to something.

“Get out” you stated, Seung hyun stared at you in disbelief.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I want a moment alone with him” you replied not bothering to look at him, you were to busy keeping your eyes on your father.

“Come on hyung, let’s wait outside” Jiyong said as he grabbed Seung hyun and lead him out with the others.

What no hug?” he said with a chuckle as soon as the door closed. “What kind of a greeting is that for your dear old dad?”

How did you find me?”

Did you really think you could run forever?”

What do you want from me?”

You seemed to have moved on fast after your fiancé died, did this one shot him?” he asked as he nodded back at the door.

No, I did….” you replied with a snarl making him laugh.

Like father like daughter..” he said with a smirk and a gleam in his eyes.

I’m nothing like you” you snapped.

Well I would say shooting your fiancé at point blank rang is pretty fucking close” he replied with a hearty laugh.

Go back to whatever hell hole you crawled out of” you sneered, he was testing your patience.

Actually I was thinking of staying here, this country has a lot of gangs but not the right people to run them”

Cut the shit, what do you want?” you asked with a growl, you were sick of this twisted game he seemed to be enjoying.

To have my daughter by my side, to run my empire with me”


Don’t you dare force my hand like your mother did” he said standing up, he held out his hand to you but you stepped away making him tilt his head to the side with a scoff. “Do you want me to do the same to your boyfriend and his friends?”

You wont get near them before they kill you” you answered with a snarl.

Really? I found this group of nice young men here who needed a new leader, they seem to have a hatred for these Green dragons or whatever they call themselves, they are more then happy to sacrifice themselves for a chance to settle their grudge”

You’re a pig”

I would be very careful what you say to me or I might just decide that I don’t need you”

Go ahead and kill me because I will never be by your side”

I will but first I will make you watch as I make my way through every single one of those little fucks” he said calmly as he walked up to you and placed his face close to yours, you didn’t move, all you could do was look into his black eyes. “And I’ll leave that pretty looking boyfriend of yours for last, so I can watch the last glimmer of hope leaves your eyes as I gut him like a fucking pig”

You closed your eyes as the gravity of his words set in, if you didn’t go with him he would take away the people you loved the most, again. You couldn’t let them suffer because of you, because of the ghost of your past coming back to life.

I’ll do it”

I thought that would convince you. I will give you one last day before I come for you, come when the phone rings” he said handing you a phone. “Or I will come in here and do as I promised”

With the last words he was gone and his presence replaced by Seung hyun.

“Are you ok?” he asked as he pulled you in for a hug, a tear fell from your eye as you looked at Jiyong standing in the doorway, his eyes narrowed at you.

“I’m fine, I just need some rest is all”

“Come on then” Seung hyun said as he took you to your room.

You laid on the bed, Seung hyun lent down and kissed you on your forehead.

“It will all be better after some rest, I promise” he said with a smile before going to leave.

“Oppa please stay” you called as you sat up.

“I can’t, we have business” he said with a frown as he looked at you.

“Please? They can do it without you”

“Princess I…” he paused as soon as he saw the tears begin to flow from your eyes.

“Please, I need you” you begged through the tears, Seung hyun sighed, it broke his heart to see you like this.

“I’ll be back in a second” he said sweetly before heading out the door.

He was back in less then five minutes, removing his shoes and jacket before jumping into bed beside you. He had barely laid down before you cuddled up to him, you buried your face into his chest, taking in the smell of his cologne mixed with cigarettes.

“I know it’s hard finding out after all these years that your dad is alive but it will be better soon” he said as he stroked your hair.

You slipped your hand under his white button up shirt and stopped it over where his heart would be, you pushed yourself up so you could look into his eyes, his hand still stroking your hair.

“I love you Choi Seung hyun, I never stopped loving you and I don’t think I ever could”

“Good, because I’m never letting you go ever again” he said with a smile but you couldn’t return it, not when you knew what was coming.

Your hand snaked up behind his neck as you moved up and kissed him, his hands moved down to your waist and pulled you closer as he deepened the kiss. Your hands moved down and you fumbled as you tried to undo his buttons as quickly as you could.

“Hey, slow down” Seung hyun said pulling away from the kiss.

“No, I need you” you said before crashing your lips against his again, you immediately stuck your tongue in his mouth and roughly massaged it against his.

He groaned as you got on top of him, you opened his shirt and ran your hands down his chest, moaning as you grinded against him. Your hands reached his belt and fumbled again as you rushed to undo it, you needed to feel him against you.

“Not that I’m complaining but what has gotten into you?” Seung hyun asked between kisses.

“Nothing” your reply muffled against his mouth.

You finally undid his pants, you stood up and took them off along with your own clothes before jumping back on him. You grabbed his cock and guided it to your entrance, slowly sitting on it to allow yourself to adjust.

“Fuck” Seung hyun said breathlessly as you slid down him.

He sucked in his bottom lip as you slowly raised yourself up and back down again, you tried to focus on the moment but the thought of losing him kept popping in your head, the thought of what your father was capable of and what he might do if you defied him caused tears to fall from your eyes. Seung hyun placed his hands on your hips, stopping you from moving as he sat up.

“What’s going on?” he asked as his eyes darted around your face.

“I don’t want to lose you” you said as you began to break down, Seung hyun grabbed your face and placed a gentle kiss on your lips.

“You’re not going to”

“What if something happens to you? I couldn’t live with myself if….”

“Nothing is going to happen, I told you that I would never let you go and I would fight death himself just to come home to you” Seung hyun said cutting you off.

He pulled you in and kissed you, you placed your arms around his shoulders and dug your nails in as he began to thrust into you. You felt closer then you ever had before as your body’s moved as one, the thought of losing him was now long gone, taken over by the warmth you felt radiating inside from how good he felt. The feeling of your bare flesh against his, the feeling of his soft silky lips on yours, the feeling of electricity through your body from his groans all made the moment feel perfect. You wanted it to go on forever, to just lock the both of you in your room where reality couldn’t touch you. You broke the kiss and threw your head back as you felt your high coming.

“I love you princess” Seung hyun said panting as his finger tips squeezed the flesh of your hips.

“Seung hyun” you moaned bucking your hips into him and clawed at his back, his smooth deep voice calling sweet nothings sent you over the edge. As soon as you called his name you felt his movements become as jagged as yours, moans and pants filled the room as you both road out your highs at the same time.

“I’m not sure about this” Seung hyun said calling your attention away from the window.

“Relax, everything will be fine” you said as you looked down at the phone clutched tightly in your hand. You hadn’t let it go all day, agonising with every second that passed wondering when it was going to ring.

“I will relax if you let myself or Daesung go with you” he said as he ran his hands over his face.

“We talked about this, I need time alone with him to figure things out”

“I know but I don’t understand why you can’t do that here?”

“Because we wouldn’t be alone would we? You have someone watching me all the time, you don’t think I know it but I do” you snapped at him, you couldn’t help it, the stress of the situation was weighing on you.

“For your own protection, we burnt a lot of bridges with the whole Dong-won shit and some of those people want revenge, that makes you an easy target. I’m sorry if it upsets you but I can’t risk it, I won’t let you go” he said through gritted teeth, his jaw twitching with how tight he had it clenched.

“Did you ever think that maybe my nightmares are getting worse because you keep me locked up in here making me scared of the world?” you didn’t really believe the words that came out of your mouth but you were desperate to convince him to let you go, you couldn’t bare the alternative if he didn’t.

“Don’t say that” he said turning his back to you.

“Seung hyun, I need to get out of here, I love you but this life of being locked away is suffocating me”

He was about to reply but was cut off by the phone in your hand ringing.

“I have to go” you said walking towards the door as quickly as you could, you didn’t want to make your father wait any longer then necessary.

“Please don’t go” Seung hyun’s voice called to you as you left, you didn’t dare turn around in case he convinced you to stay.

You made the right choice” your father said as you got in the passenger seat, you didn’t reply, you just stared up at the window watching Seung hyun looking back out at you as the car pulled away.

“Where is she?” Taeyang yelled as he ran in the front door.

“What’s wrong?” Jiyong asked walking out from his room.

“Tell me she didn’t go already?” Taeyang asked as he rushed to the window that Seung hyun was still looking out of to see if he could see you.

“She just left” Seung hyun said looking at him with a furrowed brow.

“Fuck, we have to go after them” Taeyang said as he turned to leave but Seung hyun grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“Why? What’s going on?”

“Her family didn’t die in a fire, it was only used to cover up the fact they were murdered, her mothers skull was found bashed in. The main suspect was her father but they couldn’t get near him because he’s a big time gang boss, a fucking mean one, his file is filled with a lot of fucked up shit”

“Get the car, we’ll get the guns and call the others” Jiyong told Taeyang before they all ran out of the room.

After scouring the streets for the car you were in was unsuccessful they headed to the hotel that your father was staying in only to find his room empty except for a bunch of red roses in a vase, a sympathy card was sat in front of them, the front read sorry for your loss. Seung hyun picked it up and read the words inside.

But she made this choice”

“Fuck” Seung hyun screamed as he picked up the vase and threw it against the wall, shards of glass glittered as they danced across the floor and the roses scattered between them.

“We’ll get her back hyung” Jiyong said giving him a pat on the shoulder.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Seung hyun growled as he hit Jiyongs hand away.

“I tried but you didn’t want to listen” Daesung said from the doorway making Seung hyun flare his nostrils in anger as he stared at him.

“I told you I didn’t trust this guy” Jiyong added sympathetically.

So what do you think” your father asked as he held out his arms. You looked around at the mostly empty warehouse, a small amount of furniture was sat in the middle and large rooms made of metal sat off to the side, at the end was a set of stairs that lead to a room that looked out on to the warehouse.

I think it looks like shit” you said looking at the dirty floor, small amounts of blood stained into the concrete.

I’ll admit it needs a woman’s touch, maybe you could help with that” a deep voice rang from behind you, you turned to find seven men standing at the entrance, one of them was smiling back at you with large dimples set in his cheeks.

No daughter of mine will be domesticated” you father replied angrily making the man with the dimples bow from respect before walking towards you.

Nice to finally meet you, I’m Namjoon, I’ve heard so much about you” he said as he held out his hand to shake, you looked down noticing both his index and middle fingers were missing and he laughed. “Your friend Taeyang took that in this very warehouse when they were torturing me for information on your fiancé, sorry, ex-fiancé”

I heard you screamed like a little bitch” you said looking him dead in the eyes causing his smile to disappear and you heard your father laugh heartily behind you.

That’s my girl”

Let’s get some things straight, don’t you ever call me your girl, in my mind my father died with the rest of my family and I’m not here because I want to be but because I have to be. We are not family, we are not friends, we aren’t even acquaintances nor will we ever fucking be” you said coldly making your father tisk.

You know, when he told me you were strong willed I knew right then and there that you would offer some sort of resistance. I had hoped it would have gone a lot smoother but luckily we accounted for your intolerable behaviour” he said as he turned away from you. “Lock her up boys”

You waited for one of them to grab you before you drove your elbow back, hitting him in the ear to disorientate him, you quickly span around and kicked him in the side with your shin making him bend over in agony as he clutched at both his ear and side before landing the final blow of your shin to his face, knocking him out cold. Your father clapped, clearly entertained by your actions as the rest of the guys laughed at the guy laying on the floor.

No more fucking around, lock her up” your father shouted.

The rest of the men surrounded you, you tried to fight them off but there was too many. Two of them grabbed your arms while another two grabbed your legs to stop you from kicking.

“Get your fucking hands off me” you screamed as you tried to get free. They took you to the middle room and threw you in.

“Get out of this one…… princess” the one called Namjoon said as they slid the large steel door closed.

The room fell dark, it was jet black, no light coming from anywhere. You banged on the door and screamed for them to let you out for what felt like hours before finally giving up. You lent your back against the door and slid down it as your thoughts went to Seung hyun and what he would be going through when he realised that you were gone for good.

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If you had sex with top how do you think it would be ? (If it's not too personal)

Slow and Passionate

He’s the type who takes things slowly when it comes to exploring a body (especially if he considers it a work of art). He would spend a lot of time, A LOT, on foreplay, pleasing you first (I bet he’s a gentlemen even between the sheets).
He likes to be in control so he wouldn’t let you undress him, he’d gradually take his clothes off. Like I said he would be very passionate, not rough (unless you like it). He’s 100% dominant so don’t expect to find yourself on top so easily (he would take control even if he let you take that position).
He’s also the type who wants to make sure your eyes can always meet his, because he’s putting all his feelings into it so he loves to see your facial expressions, till you reach climax.