Thunderbolt Fantasy

Story Outline

In a great war between human and demon forces, the human kind produced many weapons of ultimate power –The Demonic Weapons of Divine Teaching (Shen Hui Mo Xie)

After the war, this massive batch of weapons was given to the Seal Guardians for eternal vigilance. Among which, the weapon guarded by the siblings Dan Heng and Dan Fei is the strongest of them all, the Tian Xing Sword (Divine Retribution).

However, the Tian Xing Sword has now fallen into the hands of the antagonist leader Mie Tian Hai. During the escape from Mie’s hunt down, Dan Fei had a chance meeting with Lin Xue Ya and Shang Bu Huan and received their help.
Guided by the peculiar strings of fate, and joined by many comrades of bold and contrasting personalities, each bearing their own purposes, they embark on the journey towards the lair of Mie Tian Hai, the Seven Sins Tower…

Character Profiles Part 2

List of Japanese Romanization of the Chinese Names:

Lin Xue Ya: Rin Setsu A         Shang Bu Huan: Shou Fu Kan
Dan Fei: Tan Hi                      Dan Heng: Tan Kou
Mie Tian Hai: Betsu Ten Gai  Can Xiong: Zan Kyou

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