A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 90

-Whose gonna take out the trash

-BTW I changed Kanou’s name to trash

-Ken you feel the nope tonight

-Seidou’s arm believed it could fly

- I thought T-rex’s were extinct

-The fandom low key looks up “How to get away with murder”

-I mean they always say the good die young, no wonder Kanou is a crusty monster

- Kanou you know good magicians aren’t actually supposed to saw someone

- I thought the Kaneki method was “Instead of a person who hurts others, become the person who gets hurt.“ not beat the shit out of someone

- Amon the one true caped hero

- Seidou must really feel like second considering Amon saved Akira first

-Creepy twins visit daddy

-Next Time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: Somebody sue this doctor for his license then kill him