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It seems so obvious and if they don't do that I'll be disappointed. Robert's put a lot of pressure on himself ever since him and Aaron reunited to make him and Liv happy for things to be perfect. There's been jail, drugs and expulsions, and also he could lose A because of his recent actions. He'll feel like a failure having built it up so much with the wedding and everything. To think you've failed at something you care so much about hurts, that pressure and pain is gonna get to you, it has to.

EXACTLY. I just feel like there has to be a tipping point, and sleep with Bex, and knocking over some furniture at The Mill wasn’t it. There just has to be more. 

Maybe I’m wrong, and it’s wishful thinking, because I want to see that. 

I just feel like Robert had to break, for his own character development. Please Emmerdale, strip him to his bones, and build him back up with Aaron’s help. Let’s have some actually discussion because the pressure everyone has put on Robert, let’s face it, he was bound to fail. His one person people, not an army.