How to Brooklyn (Guide for Cap Writers) pt 2, or

For the lov’a Pete, Include the Subway In Your Stories

Okay, so real talk.  One of the biggest signs that, for me, an author has actually lived in or been to New York or properly done their research is whether or not they include the subway in their story.  A story set in New York City that doesn’t even reference the subway might as well be set in middle America.  I’m not saying you have to shoehorn it in if your fic is, idk, a PWP where they never leave Steve’s apartment, but seriously, you can’t underestimate how much the subway impacts our lives here.

Plus, narratively, it’s a great cheat: there are few things more iconic than the New York subway system.  We’re intimately familiar with the feel of the subway from popular culture; it instantly sets your scene as being in New York; and you’ve got a great vehicle (pun intended) to literally and metaphorically move your scene and characters forward.

I won’t be coy here: the New York subway system is gross.  It smells weird all the time.  We started building tunnels in 1900 (experimental elevated lines first arrived in Manhattan in the 1860s and were expanded to Brooklyn in the 1880s.  They were pulled by tiny steam engines!  How adorable, except that elevated lines were purposefully built because so many people were killed by street trolleys back in the day)

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i am being so serious when i say that if radiohead are playing osheaga i am getting there before the gates open and getting the rail and waiting there all fucking day wearing a diaper standing in my own piss i don’t care last year after kendrick lamars set at osheaga i peed in a water bottle on the fucking subway don’t underestimate me

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I lived in Seoul for 4 years and loved every minute of it! If you get a chance go to Hongdae during the day, at night it becomes party central. Haha. Myeongdong is a great place to go and there are really awesome sticker-picture places there, and tons of shopping. Itaewon is very tourist friendly, since it's right next to the US Army base. iPark mall near Ichon station has an aquarium and great food! Trust the street food in Korea because it is delicious!!!! Subway system is a breeze. Good luck!

If you plan on taking the subway a lot I’d invest in a T Money or Subway card so you can fill it with money and not worry about the subway ticket machines. Taxi’s are also super cheap in Korea, although traffic is not ideal. Korean BBQ is a great choice and I think everyone should eat it at least once! I’m an American and I lived in Seoul so if you have any questions please feel free to ask!!!

thank you so so much for sending this!! it was really helpful and i greatly appreciate it :^)) and yes, i am already planning to get a subway card! thanks so much again, i’m so excited! have a great week too!

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Hate to break it to you but that photo isn't from subway day, the hoodies are different :) so it could be from yesterday and it could be danielle in the back, not that it's even a big deal if it is lmao

thanks danielle’s mom

Trouble | Sebastian + Blaine

Of course the one day Sebastian didn’t want to go home early was the way he was sent home early. The hickey was still visible on his neck from the night before but everyone in the office was at the point just assumed it was Blaine. And they’d met Blaine before, they didn’t think it was actually Blaine who left marks all up and down his neck. He ran a hand through his hair as he packed up his work for the day and headed home. He didn’t bother taking the subway, it smelled like piss and he’d rather prolong this as long as possible.

When he got home after only a half an hour walk, he sighed, leaving his briefcase by the door as he did every night when he came in after everyone else had gone to bed. “Blaine? You home?” Please don’t respond.

I’m learning, now, how
love can be something so much grander than
a colour wheel of greys you’d spin at random
to determine how our week would pan out.
Even those with an affinity for ruin:
don’t allow yourself to be suffocated in the shadows
of a monochrome back-alley when there is so much
watercolour and sunlight for you to drown in
elsewhere. Love is a cinematic form of destruction but
make sure you go down like a firework, not a cold-case.

I’m realising that some hearts aren’t strictly
disused subway platforms or high-end stores with
rotating business hours and unrealistic entry requirements,
and that some people won’t always ask you
to sneak through the back. It took me too long to
stop romanticising your wreckage and begin
prising myself from where you’d pinned me up by the wing.
The only time you’d put me on display was on your terms
but I don’t live under someone else’s cloak anymore.

And, absence? It doesn’t have to be a tender bruise
you keep poking because you’re not ready to move forward.
The healing process is not about erasure.
Some wounds are always noticeable, even once healed.
A cellist fractures a finger. They never regain full mobility;
they learn to play slower songs and compose their masterpiece.
A schoolboy gets in a fist-fight and his nose turns to
mangled cartilage. The dried blood and the dull pain disappear 
after a few days, but his features remain a little skewed.
Someone falls in love with that same rugged face one day,
goes to sleep dreaming about how their man sustained his
heroic injuries defending someone’s honour.

Sometimes the pain is not something you can wish away, 
but you can manipulate it into becoming a good thing. 
Just be careful you don’t turn it into the only thing.

—  a.f., “You will always be more thunderous than the storm clouds
you came rolling in on.”

White people disgust me, you don’t know how much I’ve heard people say shit like, “no means no Bill Cosby” it pisses me the fuck off because y'all act like Bill Cosby is the face of fucking rape and sexual assault, I’m not saying he shouldn’t be condemned but when Jared from Subway got busted y'all didn’t say shit and if we were to be like, “I don’t go to subway because I don’t want to get raped” then all you fucking white fake ass tumblr liberals would be like, “that’s insensitive.” And the even dumber thing is the fact that y'all are the fucking face of those crimes who is it that gets in trouble for mass shootings, serial killers, and rape/sexual assault that’s all y'all, but of course the one time some shit does happen we’ll be condemned for the next fucking decade, I’m sick of these white people, next person that pisses me off I’m snapping~

Why am I awake?
Why do I have to go to work?
When I don’t have to actually work today?
Why is this  staff meeting on my one and only day off before my week starts again?
Why is it at 9 am?
Just… why?

i know i need to eat. i haven’t had any food yet today so im probably starving and don’t know it.

subway—> slowtrain to do homework —-> hang out with mia

cool day lets make it happen