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Can you recommend any haikyuu fanfics?

Hi! So my name is Hazel. I feel like ive been answering most of the asks here. But the other mods AND the followers should feel free to add to this list!! This was very broad so im giving you a few of my favorites of all ships. Most of these you can go through the writers work and read anything they have all of it is A+

edit by linda: hello! i’ve sorted the list a bit and i will update with some of my own faves ♡

edit by Mel: I’ve added a few more~

daisuga fics

iwaoi fics

kurotsuki fics

kagehina fics

bokuaka fics

kyouhaba fics

* = includes side pairings

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Stucky go house hunting? What do they squabble about?

“I’d have to get the 1 train to get onto the F train Steve, and I don’t want to get on the 1 train” “Bucky you haven’t got on the subway in literally 7 decades” “Yes but I might need to, and if I do, I don’t want to get the 1.” 

“Kitchen’s kinda small, I’m a big guy, I take up space” “Steve, you literally only cook breakfast once every 2 weeks” “And I’d like a bit of space for my fortnightly kitchen adventures” 

“Steve why are we even going to look at this one?” “It’s in such a good location, the floor to ceiling windows are perfect for art, it’s got a window seat in the bedroom Buck.” “Yes but it says in big letters on the listing No Pets.” “We don’t have a pet.” “Yet. Things change Steve.” 

living at college has really ruined how i see time like

i don’t remember what traffic is like, i live on campus, and being reminded that traffic and rush hour exists and i have to keep that in mind sometimes is so foreign to me now so i’ll get on the highway at exactly 5pm and be genuinely confused

and also places closing at normal times is weird too, because everything on my campus is usually open until 11-1am, and opens at like 6-7 am, so living away from college over the summer is just a constant state of ‘oh i want subway’ and then ‘oh, i can’t get subway, because normal subways close at 9pm and not 1 in the fucking morning’ and being real fucking sad about it, like right now 

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Hi! Since you are Norwegian, I was wondering if you could explain how the tram systems work? (For writing reasons) Like do they run for 24 hours or do they shut down after a certain time of night? Sorry to bother you, but thanks!

Of course you are not bothering me! I love getting asks like this.
So the tram goes 24/7, on weekdays it is 10 minutes between every tram but during weekends and evenings it is 20 minutes between each tram.
The subway stops during the evening and starts again during the morning. Oslo is the only city in Norway with a subway system.
But, now I’m going to be a little language nerd if that is okay? Because in Norwegian both the subway and the tram has different names depending on where in the city you are from. The official names for the subway is t-banen is short for tunnel-banen literary the tunnel ban and is what people in eastern oslo call it because in eastern Oslo it actually goes in tunnels under the ground while in western Oslo the subway goes ABOWE ground so there it is called trikken which means the tram.
The tram’s official name is trikken and that is what it is called in eastern Oslo while in western Oslo to not confuse it with the subway it is referred to as blåtrikken (the blue tram) or bytrikken (the city tram). The names refer to the blue color of the trams while the subway is white and calling the city tram refers to that it only goes down in the city and in eastern Oslo but not in western Oslo.
Well now I have answered stuff you didn’t ask for so I apologize for that😅

A list of creepy urban 1-3am things

- When you are the only one left in the subway and the timetable says it’s still 8 minutes. How long has it been marking 8 minutes? You just don’t know.

- Don’t look outside the subway windows is an unspoken rule. Abid to it.

- When the speakers announce the subway services have ended and the stairs start to stop one by one.

- When you take the bus and you sit on the back and there are always phones and bad drawn graffitis scratched in the windows and seats. Bonus: ominous messages or occult symbols.

- Don’t look outside the windows when you pass by dark alleys or highways or parks. Believe me, you might not see anything but you don’t want to risk it.

- When you pass by a construction site and it’s like 3 am and the wind howls inside. I know you want to look, but don’t. The first time you manage to not look, the second it becomes a little hard as if something called you, and the third time you rush your pace.

- When you hear whistling but there’s only you in the street. A long, illuminated, ample street with no one around.

- Cats at night might or not have only one head. Shadows can be tricky.

- Cars pass by you down the street but you are not sure if you saw one or five persons or none on it. It’s fine, keep waking.

Say 5 things about you

Thanks, @sncinder for the tag!

Say 5 things about you that people would only know if they know you in real life and send this to 10 of your favourite blogs! :D Or to whoever you want.

#5 is the biggest probably.

1) I worked at Subway for 7 years (first year of highschool to end of college) plus some time as a Business Consultant for the company. Now I can’t think of Subway without grimacing.

2) I have a 15 year old niece who spends a lot (a lot) of time at my house.

3) I can’t cook. Nerp derp. Thank god my bf is amazing at it.

4) I am often referred to as “The Mexican”. I am not Mexican.

5) The special one that most people IRL don’t even know: I have burn scars that cover my left leg from waist to toes and some of my right shin. I spent a lot of my life hiding them. Slowly but surely I’m getting more and more comfortable with going to the grocery store wearing shorts. THIS IS WHY I HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART FOR AZRIEL, SANDOR CLEGANE, AND ZUKO!!!

Mmmkay… I’m gonna tag @courtofpainteddreams, @runes-and-relics, @kristyjay. @marabarrow, @janarun, @silkvia, @horcrux7750, and I’m gonna stop there because because because

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Shawn looks like he eats subway. I don't know like I feel as though that's where he'd eat all the time if he wasn't famous

Subway is like a Canadian staple any white boy who goes to the gym goes there.