DFTBA Records is leaving behind its current warehouse (which used to be a preschool) and moving into a much larger space that is actually a warehouse.

This is good news for us, but it is also good news for you, because we’d rather pack up shirts and send them to you than pack them up and send them to the new warehouse.

So it’s time for a FIRE SALE. To prepare for the move, almost every t-shirt DFTBA sells is now just $10 while supplies last.


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m very excited about Redbubble’s new sublimation t-shirts (or “Graphic-Printed” as they’re calling them)!!  I’d like to upload some more designs specifically for these shirts, but for now I’ve made some already-existent designs available on them!

PLUS (at the bottom) a “new” addition to the Redbubble shop; the poster design I used as a reward for my original Kickstarter to fund W2H.  Now available as a graphic-printed shirt!  

These are “mens” cuts, but they’re supposed to be getting more fitted ones in pretty soon too!

Check them out!

Design 1 - Hierarchy
Design 2 - Lotsa Socks
Design 3 - This is Sock.
Design 4 - Lovely Demon
Design 5 - Lil & Jojo
Design 6 - Welcome to Hell!