Here’s yet another post that I finally got around to doing that is long overdue. These are two unofficial K-ON shirts that I got for my birthday last year. One of them has Mio in her Don’t Say Lazy outfit, the other has her in her maid outfit. Both of them have the same identical logo on the back too as you can see.
I wanted to get a few more, but unfortunately when I went back to the same seller on eBay, something had happened to him as he started receiving a lot of negative feedback about lost items, and not sending replies back, etc, and soon all of his listings had ended and nothing else was available. So it seems I got really lucky with these. Ah well, at least I have these plus the others. :)

Sock Dreams Journal - What Is “T-Shirt Like”?

We use “t-shirt like” to describe the texture of several styles. It’s difficult, over the internet, to properly convey the texture and weight of something, so we use a lot of similes. A sock isn’t going to feel 100% the same as a t-shirt, but there’s a tangible difference between your average sock and one that feels quite a lot like your favourite tee.

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Someone asked a while back for color variations of my axolotl pattern–ask and ye shall receive! The plain pink axies are the original, the GFP and variegated ones are the new versions!

ALSO new: They’re all now available as both sticker sheets and mugs, in addition to all the other products!

On a shirt

Pink blanket | Multicolored blanket | GFP blanket
Pink stickers | Multicolored stickers | GFP stickers
Pink mug | Multicolored mug | GFP mug

Find all the other products (pillows, totes, etc!) here!



I had the pleasure of Collaborating with the guys over at jvgbd and they produced this gorgeous t-shirt with my image on.
If you are interested in one and are wanting to purchase one, then head over to http://www.jvgbd.com/#!product/prd16/3911572551/

This link will send you directly to my page. They are available in all sizes and both men and women. If you do purchase one, then please take a selfie and tag me in it, I would love to see. Thanks guys, it would be great it you re logged this !! 🙌🏼🙏🏼

Limited edition designs by tattooers, each printed for just 90 days.
Get unique tattoo art without the permanence, or the price tag.

Tattoo Artist: Nanomammoth, Seattle, Washington, USA
Limited Edition: Available until July 20, 2015

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