ace-the-king-of-pants  asked:

Have you drawn Psychokinetic Morty? Also, what do you think his Personality would be like?

Yes I have~! I drew every Morty up to Black Hole Morty for a T-shirt design. Hmm… I think he’d have double personalities. Both of them fighting over the body. I’d say the Psychokinetic side would be in control more though lol.

I drew some sketches but I will not draw a story for him I sweaR. This is just something I thought of real quick.

Post Pocket Mortys Series: Psychokinetic Morty 


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“Gender is here, not down here!”

A t-shirt design I’ve been working on for Trans Awareness Week. It’s not done by no means but I thought I’d post the sketch so far since I don’t think I’ll get it completely done before the week is out.

I want the finished the piece to be bright and colorful but not sure how to go about it. Maybe color the brain with the trans flag colors? Idk.

Tell me what you think guys! Would you by a t-shirt like this? What colors do you think would look appropriate? 

I’d love your input! :D

Was originally suppose to have “there” instead of “here” but i forgot the T. Oops!