A tribute to the works of Steven Spielberg, “Spielword” by mmarcin is currently one of the highest scoring submissions on Threadless!

Take a break from all the $14 tees and other deals in our Labor Day Sale to score some design submissions!

So, here’s the t-shirt design i’ve been working on lately for a dear and talented friend of mine who was invited as an artist guest at a Tolkien convention that will be held in this days in southern italy (he is an AMAZING artisan and i’m in love with each of his wood works, here’s his FB page , go check him out)

He asked me about the golden trio hanging out so, yeah, here it is eheh

Have you guys grabbed one of my terrifying t-shirt designs from Tom Holland’s Terror Time?! They come in ALL sizes & an array of colors, so head to thterrortime.com NOW & proudly put some horror on your torso!

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Fierce Deity (Legend of Zelda) fictionkin-related items:

“Fierce Deity Link” coffee mug - $15 (design also available on other items)

Pin - $1

Poster - $14.92

Dog tag necklace - $12.88

Wallet - $20.87

“Fierce Deity Mask” T-shirt - $24.80 (design also available on other items)


Actual mask!


Today marks the release of the first of many large bounties to come for osu!web. This is still new territory, and I don’t want to set the bounty too low or too high, so let me know if you think the current offering is unreasonable in either direction. Also help out if that’s something you are able to do! We are making great progress as a group since open-sourcing osu!web. Very good feedback on issues posted so far, and much more activity in general.

Fixed up qualified scores not actually being deleted when ranked today. Kind of an oversight – I thought I’d get around to implementing before the week past since I announced the change, but I’ve just been so busy that… oops ^^;

Got the new pippi design t-shirts on the store. They look amazing and I can’t wait to get my own. We went with a lighter fabric this time. According to my trusty osu!store helper, it feels much better than the last batch! The triangles t-shirt design is also back in stock now.

External image

Got an update on osu!keyboard production process. We have had some delays while sourcing custom keycaps – something I wanted added for the next batch – but everything is good and I reckon the result looks pretty amazing.

The actual boards are currently in manufacturing (cherry switches are being welded to the logic board). ETA is still at least a month away, but getting closer. At least we’re ordering enough stock this time around that once they come in we shouldn’t run out anytime soon!

External image

  • Me:*at my school's lgbt club meeting talking about the club t-shirt design* Hey Nate, isn't the "The More You Know Star" trail straight?
  • Nate:There is nothing straight about this club.
  • Everyone:*laughs for 5 minutes*

If you aren’t doing anything this weekend here in the Windy City, you should definitely check out the CHIRP RADIO record fair happening this Saturday, April 14th!

Better yet, pick up the t-shirt I designed to commemorate your lovely Saturday outing!

I’ve also included my two roughs for the design which I couldn’t decide which of the two to execute until divine intervention stepped in and I combined them into one mondo illustration.