“…The woods are lovely, dark and deep.”  –R. Frost

An excellent portion of a poem composed by renowned author Robert Frost.  A fantastic sentiment for any nature lover, this design features a slightly worn stag skull and the words of Mr. Frost, written as though crudely etched into a piece of wood by skill of hand.  Frost’s name is cited just above the left antler.

I’ve got this design listed on several wearable options over at Teespring!  The 3 main ones being the hoodie, a v-neck (women’s proportions! :D ) shirt, and a generic Tee (shown in dark green).  Each has at least 2 color options ^^

Check it all out, at the link below!  The campaign has 21 days (including today) to run, so reserve yours soon :)  Once enough have been reserved, printing will be prepared for beginning after the final day of the campaign (Aug 17).

>—>  http://teespring.com/vulture-culture-frost-stag-q  <—<<