Well…this is my new Naruto Oc.


  1. Zaid is partially blind. He can only see certain amounts of light which causes him to run into objects and forget certain things for missions.
  2. He specializes in Sound Ninjutsu due to his poor eyesight.
  3. His left shoe is almost always missing for some reason. When people ask about it Zaid gives a slight shrug and says he really never notices it. 
  4. His personality is on the quirky side (regardless of not being able to see) and tries to live life like any other person would. Besides tripping over objects and the every-now-and-again poll/tree to the face, Zaid always has an upbeat attitude. 
  5. Despite is poor eyesight, Zaid was always in the top of his class in the Academy and graduated to Chunin at the age of 14. 
  6. He will never see his lack in vision to be a disability or a reason for others to treat him differently. He refuses any kind of help when it comes to his eyes; but in a polite way. He wants to show the other ninja with inabilities that you can make it in life regardless of what disability/injury/illness you have. 
  7. His dream is to become a teacher at the Academy to help inform children about inabilities and how to deal/overcome them. He also whats to “see” the students try to outwit him and utterly fail. He’s kind of a jokester. 
  8. He LOVES (the idea) of clouds and flowers. Since he can’t see either of them, he asks his teammates and friends to describe them to him so he can at least have an idea of their beauty. 

SF9 – 쉽다(Easy Love) MUSIC VIDEO

Flutter - Ch. 6

Oh Sehun/Reader
Genre: Fluff/Romance/Smut (eventually)
Word Count: 2,169

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The ‘girls night out’ was just as wild as you expected from Jieun.

It started off civil enough with dinner in a gorgeous restaurant, but two hours later you were in a private room in a club trying to make sure Jieun doesn’t fall down from the table, where she was dancing barefoot with a bottle of wine in her hand. 

Half an hour later she was sitting next to you again, crying that she misses Minseok, and you took that as your cue to call it a night. 

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                                      a touch of gold and cobalt

                                “But baby I can’t delay it no more
                         The fact is all this time, been everlovin’ ya”

style inspired by this post created by kassareo. 

the colors and the lyrics are taken from the song called everlovin’ ya from the 2014 studio album called the golden echo by kimbra

@kurosmind replied to your photo: The smile is exactly what I expected it to be, but…

all of these are ungodly omg. Ok like, Fem Varlen is stunning but let’s talk about the “more manly” version of Varlen because damn

Now I’m just sitting here imagining Varlen in his 30s, more experienced, more world-weary, keeping an eye on Dorian as he undertakes his machinations in Tevinter…


I watch and think about this video A LOT. 

Kitto Seishun Ga Kikoeru is one of my favorite Muse songs! I would usually watch this video until the seiyuu finished singing the song, so I never watched the video fully until earlier today. I realized that towards the end they were crying a lot, and I get why they would be crying but I was curious as to why they were crying SO much (it reminded me of how they were like at the end of their final live). Then I scrolled down in the comments and saw a comment by YN Chu that said: 

“To clarify things: This is NOT the Final Live, but their 3rd Live. As to why they are crying so hard… When LoveLive! first started, it wasn’t popular at all. In fact, I think Emitsun bought 10 CDs for their 1st single herself. 

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