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HEYYYYY are there any fcs you want to see more of? (of any gender)

// heeeyeyy y yy y !!! [finger guns] yes so many oh my god get ready ( also i might spell some names wrong don’t fault me i am trying my hardest :’) lmfao ):

  • aml ameen
  • tye sheridan
  • jasmine burke
  • enver gjokaj
  • logan miller
  • salma hayek
  • james remar
  • shamier anderson
  • fairuza balk
  • jennifer beals
  • ana de la reguera ( especially in narcos she’s so…. i lo v )
  • david duchovny
  • laura harris ( especially circa dead like me :’) i lov her )
  • luke perry
  • kelly jo minter ( in “the people under the stars” she has such a good look & would be very iconable if someone downloaded the movie )
  • dichen lachman
  • jami gertz
  • katharine isabelle
  • sasha grey ( she was formerly an adult film actress so if you look her up that’s just fair warning in case nsfw comes up, but i don’t think any will? )
  • fran kranz
  • rae dawn chong ( gorgeous and very sadly underused )
  • josh hartnett
  • alex winter ( like… fuck man bill from bill & ted would make a great fc coming from someone who has used his face for an oc before lmao )
  • laura dern
  • diane lane
  • katherine moennig
  • alicia silverstone
  • jason patric ( circa the lost boys bc FUCK ME UP )
  • basically a lot of 80s, 90s centric actors would be awesome fcs imo
  • eiza gonzalez ( i am always an advocate for more use of eiza ngl )
  • zoe kravitz
  • leven rambin
  • alfred enoch
  • leigh whannell  ( i lo v him with my whole heart )
  • shawnee smith
  • basically all of the saw franchise actors are so underused but so Good lmao
  • man that’s all i can think of right now but i know there are more

hahaha this is a comic that PROUDLY PROCLAIMS itself a RED PILL comic.

I genuinely don’t get like 80% of the “jokes.” I mean I guess I get this one but I still don’t think it works?? Doesn’t really make sense.

Anyway, the comics I DO get are just angry as fuck and, y’know, a bit racist:

I think it must suck being alt-right because you’re so bad at being funny. You’re just mad and racist and sexist.