Hey guys, I just wanted to encourage you to take a moment to evaluate how social media is affecting your life. I’ve realized that seeing my friends and acquaintances post so many fun vacations is not only unrealistic of how much fun everyone else is having (because the other half of people who aren’t posting are just staying at home like me) but it can also make me feel like I’m being left out or my life is boring. I decided I just don’t need this kind of negativity in my life so I’m taking a break (not from tumblr though.) I know you already know how amazing and fun and indispensable social media is, and I’m not suggesting deleting everything obviously. But I think reevaluating what your life goal is and wether or not social media is helping or hurting it can be a great thing. Sometimes even on tumblr we need to unfollow certain people who have negative energy and follow different people. Sometimes I know I need to spend time with my family or accomplishing things instead of filling my time looking at facebook, which I don’t even like. Good luck guys and message me if you want help or to talk about this!

i didn’t just give you my heart
don’t act like it was something so easily done
i broke skin and ribs to rip it from my chest
and i still haven’t been able to wash the blood stains from my hands
i didn’t just give you my fucking heart
i tore myself apart so you could hold it
and nobody said you had to keep it
but that doesn’t mean you had to mistreat it
—  my heart knows no gentle hands
The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Title: The Best Thing That’s Ever Been Mine

Author: fearless-in-wonderland

Rating: T

Prompt: From anonymous – “ReaderxSpencer painting the living room of their new house together”

(send me requests! I’m always looking for inspiration; and I’ll write anything)

Trigger Warning: None

Word Count: 543

Multishot: If you want it to be.

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