And oh, oh, oh

I was a king under your control

And oh, oh, oh

I wanna feel like you’ve let me go

So let me go

I can’t believe I just found about Years and Years. On repeat all night.

"Consequence" by Jigsaw Puzzle Glue // Originally by The Notwist 

It’s been a little while since we heard some new material from Seattle’s Jigsaw Puzzle Glue (Leah Rosen of Tender Bats & Lux), but she’s gone and covered one of the great underrated songs of the 2000’s, in The Notwist's gorgeous highlight, “Consequence”. It would be difficult to do a straight up note for note cover as the original is so restrained that it might come off as straight up mimicry, so JPG went the smart route and brought the song into her comfort zone - shadowy shoegaze and hypnotic synth pop. The result becomes a much louder delivery that feels more organic and live, which brings a wonderful new layer to the composition that sets it apart without leaving an obvious comparison - meanwhile, all of the longing and sweetness remains. It's a stellar take on an old favorite and another reason that you should be following Jigsaw Puzzle Glue on Soundcloud.


Review: Kate Bush- Hounds of Love

"Your Design" by Grace Mitchell // Your Design - Single (2014)

This is one of those instances where you hear a song without any knowledge of who’s responsible, and then when you find out - you’re even more impressed. The opening moments of “Your Design” unfolds with a hushed electronic pulse just beneath a whispered vocal, and it’s immediately engaging in it’s simplicity, but it’s just a beat - maybe thirty seconds, before the pieces start to shift alive. Louder, confident, focused and before you can settle in, it takes another leap up and out, and just like that the song launches into a powerhouse, widescreen, electro-pop anthem that is the perfect delivery method for the astounding vocals of a sure-fire star in the making, Grace Mitchell. Of course, there’s always a hook, and this song has a wonderful one that will be stuck in  your head for days. Once you come down from the audio high of listening to “Your Design” a couple dozen times, stop to take a moment to process that the pop beauty is the work of a 16 year old girl from Portland, not some globe trotting pop icon (at least not yet). It’s a remarkably confident and powerful introduction to the world at large and if there is any level of fairness, this girl will be the next big thing before the year is out. It’s a fantastic track from a stunning new voice. 



Third and final mix. This was also made for my pals housewarming party …this time with a synth-centric theme. Everything from synth pop, minimal, techno cayo, ambient(ish) etc. Mainly 80:s stuff.


01. TPO - Hoshimaru 音頭
(theme song for Expo ‘85, 1985)

02. COSMIC INVENTION - 愛 Love Come On
(from the “Cosmorama” LP, 1981)

03. 大貫妙子 - Carnaval
(from the “Carnaval / 雨の夜明け” single, 1980)

04. 河上幸恵 + HP25 - Do-ki ♥ Do-ki
(from the “Do-ki ♥ Do-ki / カオスの星屑” single, 1984)

05. 榊原郁恵 - Robot
(from the “Robot” single, 1980)

06. 百夜 - Fall
(from the “百夜独演音曲集三 空花” EP, 1986)

07. TAKUMI - Days of Romance
(from the “Meat the Beat” LP, 1983)

08. MODEL-T - When I Spend My Time With You
(from the “When I Spend My Time With You” single-sided 7” flexi, 1990?)

09. 橋本一子 - Kira
(from the “Kira” 7” flexi, 1985)

10. E.S. ISLAND - テクテクマミー
(from the “テクテクマミー” single, 1982)

11. SHINOBU - Ceramic Love
(from the “Ceramic Love / Earth” 8” flexi, 1984)

12. MIND CONTROL - 闇に語る
(from V/A - “Neo?” LP, 1988)

13. SCUDELIA ELECTRO - 200 Miles
(from their debut CD, 1997)

14. JULLAN - After Love Has Gone
(from the “Rouge Train Express” 12”, 1985)

15. 3dl - From Still To The Birth (New Mix)
(from the “アンドロメダからやって来た” single, 1988)