Synergy Art

“….and threw himself down into the unknown depths below…”

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

This is one of the painting that I have put more time into, because I couldn’t stop adding stuff. This started with Isaac and ??? flying outside the chest with a few Isaac’s corpses around and then I added more, and more. Then I needed more cool looking synergies, then I started looking at Northerlion’s lps cause I run out of looks and then I thought… wouldn’t this look cool with all the floors and the Lamb on the top of the Isaac on the Dark Room? And this happened.

This damn game. Seriously, it has bring me so much joy and occasional rage. According to steam I have played 479 hours since it came out. it’s such a good stress reliever between work for it’s short runs. I usually play one a day. Thanks to Edmund Mcmillen and Nicalis for making this awesome game and couldn’t be more excited about Afterbirth coming so soon.


Moire Patterned Animals by Minini

Andrea Minini’s fascination for animals and lines are evident in his series of illustrations. The artist uses moiré patterns to create simple yet stunning artworks.

Minini’s work is one of its kind as he finds new ways to depict mammals, birds and various animals, using only two lines, repeating them in endless patterns.

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