Synergy Art

“….and threw himself down into the unknown depths below…”

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

This is one of the painting that I have put more time into, because I couldn’t stop adding stuff. This started with Isaac and ??? flying outside the chest with a few Isaac’s corpses around and then I added more, and more. Then I needed more cool looking synergies, then I started looking at Northerlion’s lps cause I run out of looks and then I thought… wouldn’t this look cool with all the floors and the Lamb on the top of the Isaac on the Dark Room? And this happened.

This damn game. Seriously, it has bring me so much joy and occasional rage. According to steam I have played 479 hours since it came out. it’s such a good stress reliever between work for it’s short runs. I usually play one a day. Thanks to Edmund Mcmillen and Nicalis for making this awesome game and couldn’t be more excited about Afterbirth coming so soon.


Synergy “Sin” The Tenrec and Solace The Hedgehog

Son and Daughter of Serenity The Tenrec and Shadow The Hedgehog

Synergy, or Sin for short, is a perfect combination of his parents, and the first natural born ultimate lifeform. Sin has been able to manipulate light, such as creating illusions, since he was an infant, often making illusions of his mother or father to comfort himself.

Finding the illusions were a shock to Serenity and Shadow, both thinking that he would not poses any abilities. Shadow nursed his abilities, both to test his power and to keep it in control, forming a strong bond with his son.

Sin adored his father, and looked up to him with pride, he was his hero. While Shadow would train his son and make him strong, Serenity would teach him and make him kind, raising him with a strong sense of honor and virtue. Sin could always count on his mother for comfort/support

As Sin grew, so did his powers. At times he would lose control if he didn’t practice. Shadow got him some inhibitor rings to wear for his own safety, though he would train him to make sure he didn’t rely on them. When Sin was 8, Serenity and Shadow had a daughter, Solace.

Solace was not like Synergy, she didn’t show any development of powers or abilities as an infant, she appeared an average child. However, Solace stopped growing after the age of 4. Being affected by what doctors called “Syndrome X”, Solace was “stuck” as a toddler

Because of Solace much changed in the family. Serenity became fearful for Synergy’s well being and became more protective over both him and Solace. Shadow would silently blame himself for Solace’s condition, so he would spend time with her. Synergy feeling some resentment

Because of this, in his teens Synergy became rebellious and would sometimes disappear for days, only coming back when Shadow tracked him down. Serenity understood her son’s frustration and tried to talk to him, however Sin would hardly listen.

It wasn’t until Serenity forced him to watch Solace that Synergy let go of the resentment he felt. For the first time he realized that Solace was in fact stuck at the age of 4 and couldn’t understand what was going on. He befriended his little sister, and things got better 

Serenity was still protective of them but she felt calmer and happier. Shadow continued to train Synergy, while watching Solace. They were happy. Then one day, while Solace was watching Shadow and Synergy use chaos energy, she did it too.


Finally i posted my art on Tumblr again freaking miracle am I right?
So this is Synergy from Jem And The Holograms. I love that 80’s Cartoon so much so glad my mom told me about it. Anyways i did an 80’s version and my modern version of Synergy. The computer mom (jk)

Well hope ya like if not oh well.

I will be making an art blog soon

Not sure what I’ll call it yet but i think I’ll call it the Art blog of Star I’ll let you peeps know when it’s up and ready.