Beautiful synagogues from around the world

  1. Dohány Street Synagogue, Budapest
  2. Grand Choral Synagogue, St. Petersburg
  3. Grand Synagogue of Edirne, Edirne, Turkey
  4. Hurva Synagogue, Jerusalem
  5. Eldridge Street Synagogue, New York
  6. Great Synagogue of Rome, Rome
  7. Ohr Torah Synagogue, Acco, Israel
  8. Great Synagogue of Sydney, Sydney
  9. Rykestrasse Synagogue, Berlin
  10. Szeged Synagogue, Szeged, Hungary
Shout out to the discouraged

Shout out to the converts who feel discouraged because:

Synagogue isn’t welcoming
You can’t learn years of study in a brief time
The rabbi is distant
Hebrew is f'ing hard
You’ve said something stupid to the one person at temple who talks to you
You feel like you are not welcome
You have no home in your past faith
You have no home in your future faith
There are nuances you just don’t get yet
Wondering if you’ll ever feel like you belong
There are so many stinking blessings
613 mitzvot and you struggle with the first 10
Hiding your tattoos from your past
You cringe at the term ‘sexual immorality’
Your family isn’t converting with you
Shabbat is still work when it’s supposed to be rest
Trying not to be a movie Jew steryotype
Holidays are lonely
Holidays are confusing
Chametz on Pesach because you forgot
Saying something stupid at Torah study
Feeling like all eyes are on you
Feeling like you have to be a perfect Jew to be accepted
Wondering if it is all worth it

Love and peace to you all. Know at least one other person is right there with you.


Rodeph Shalom Synagogue in Philadelphia

Built in 1927, Rodeph Shalom Synagogue is an outstanding example of the Byzantine style of architecture. Both the exterior and interior walls are covered with painted and carved geometric designs executed by the D’Ascenzo Studios… An earlier version of Rodeph Shalom was designed by Frank Furness in 1866.