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Hello! I'm in a religious studies class and I've taken up an interest in Judaism, I'm 17 and my family is loosely catholic but not entirely so I have religious freedom at home. I want to find a synagogue that will allow me to go but I just get really worried because I'm gay and I've had a hard time finding places of worship because of it and I was just wondering if you thought I'd have trouble finding one. Thank you!


Although there are many more traditional synagogues around the world that are not very welcoming to the LGBTQ community, most Progressive Shuls are incredible beacons of light.  The Reform, Reconstructionist and Conservative Movements all perform same sex marriage cerimonies, are extremely inclusive to LGBTQ families, working to develop welcoming bathrooms (and alternatives for other genders who might feel uncomfortble using public bathrooms).

As Jews, we believe that everyone is created in the Image of God (betzelem elohim) and therefore, we need to respect every human being for who they are.

If you’d like help locating a Synagogue, please feel free to reach out.  I would love to help you find the correct place for you! Just send me a direct message.



Synagogue smeared with feces and food during Hanukkah

  • It was an unsettling start to Hanukkah for a synagogue in Santa Monica, California.
  • Rabbi Boruch Rabinowitz arrived at the Living Torah Center Chabad on Sunday to find the entrance of his synagogue had been smeared with feces and rice,
  • Synagogue officials believe the vandalism was a targeted act. 
  • Though it didn’t feature any explicitly anti-Semitic messages or symbols, it was reportedly found “in close proximity to a menorah display.”
  • “This seems kind of intentional,” assistant Rabbi Dovid Tenenbaum told the Los Angeles Times. “With a religious artifact in the window, we have to assume so.”
  • Describing the scene to the Los Angeles Daily News, Tenenbaum talked of feces spread over the doors, window and bricks in front of the window, as well as wedged into the window frame. Read more

Morning prayers at the Yusef Abad Synagogue in Tehran, Iran