The Cat Came Back: A More Than Mythical History – Part I

Cats have been on the human scene for 9,000 years.  We came out of the caves, and they were there with us. Cats weave their way throughout global mythology in one form or another—as gods, demons, protectors, dangerous foes, companions, magical creatures, and players in creation legends. Guest author Gerald Hausman questions why cats have such a grand cultural coverage?  

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Strange Matters Podcast: The May Day Mystery

On May 1st of 1995, a student at the University of Arizona named Bryan Hance was reading through the local college paper when he came across a full page advert which contained a cryptic mix of images, maps, languages, and equations. … Soon more light was shown onto this mystery. These full-paged May Day cryptic puzzles went back in the local paper for decades… Still, no one knew who was behind them or what purpose they served.

This scene is so powerful. Tony’s on the verge of tears. Steve gives up his shield without a second thought to save Bucky. Bucky is without his arm. There’s so much symbolism here

  • Without his arm, Bucky is no longer the Winter Soldier
  • By giving up his shield, Steve quits being Captain America.
  •  Tony’s arc reactor and suit is destroyed, leaving the broken man who was always hidden beneath now exposed

This isn’t a scene with superheroes; it’s now just three men shattered by their experiences.