I’m going to go hyperboling for a second and say the lesbian scene in The Sentinel is the best scene in the history of cinema.  Describing it basically sounds like a Stefon sketch come to life.  It’s got Sylvia Miles as a vaguely Swedish/German ballerina and Beverly D’Angelo as her mute lover.  When the main character asks them what they do for a living, Sylvia Miles responds, “We fondle each other.”  And because she’s not a liar, they demonstrate this.  Miles appears to have as much of an understanding of how to form words with her mouth as Beverly D’Angelo has of how to masturbate.  Which is to say not much.  We see evidence of both of these things because Miles won’t shut up and Beverly D’Angelo chooses to sort of masturbate in front of the main character just ‘cause.  What more could you want in a scene? 

COLDITZ starring Tom hardy and Sylvia Miles.

Tom Hardy: I’ve never worked with Sophia Myles before and it’s always an odd one when you have a physical relationship with another actor, be it sexual or violent or intense intimacy, to just meet them that morning and the next thing you know you’re in bed together or you’re discussing a relationship. I’m quite shy around people at the best of times but I felt very comfortable working with Sophia. She’s very intelligent, very sharp and very instinctive – it was a pleasure.