Calling all followers who play pokèmon sun or moon!

I’m currently looking for a FEMALE Eevee of any level who’s willing to trade with me. I’m getting close to the I believe sixth trial in the game (after softicles) and I want a girl eevee badly. The reason is because I want to evolve it into Sylveon and name it Mavis. (After master mavis from fairy tail….. yeah.) but please reply if your eevee is a girl and you’re willing to trade her! Don’t care where it comes from, don’t care what level it is, I want it to be a girl and I can name her Mavis. Thank you!!


Looking for a cute Pokémon-themed holiday accessory? I just put up a new handmade item into my Storenvy tonight that you might be interested in! I saw that there was some really cute Christmas fabric featuring Pikachu, Deerling, Cubchoo, and Piplup so I decided to pick up the fabric today. I spent some time making bows this evening, so I decided to put them up for sale! Feel more than free to check out my Storenvy for more details! I also have my Fairy Pokémon bows still up for sale! Each and every bow is completely handmade by myself!


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Link to first post with more female trainers (roller-skater, boater, goth and rocker)

Pokemon trainers based on their in-game outfits in XY.

I wanted to try out drawing the boys even though their clothing selection is so tiny. I hope Sun & Moon expands on this.

Link to gallery of a bunch more male trainer outfit combos

Link to gallery with a bunch of female trainer outfit combos

Sorry for another long post. Detail images under the cut:

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