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Check out the live video capture of our rockin’ house show from SF Sketchfest. Follow @SylvanTweets on twitter.

11/9. SYLVAN SECRET HEADLINER SHOW @ Vitus. 201 Broadway. Oakland, CA. 8 PM. $15 (in advance). Featuring Caitlin Gill, OJ Patterson and a SUPER SECRET HEADLINER. More Information: Here.

Sometimes a secret guest is special enough that they can’t be announced. But we can tell you that this comedian has written for Saturday Night Live, and appeared in 30 Rock, Louie, Letterman, and more!


Sketch Saturday: David Gets Mad High by David Gborie and Andrew Moore

Special Announcement: SYLVAN SECRET HEADLINER SHOW @ Vitus Theater. 201 Broadway. Oakland, CA. 8 PM. $15 (in advance). Featuring Caitlin Gill, OJ Patterson and a SUPER SECRET HEADLINER. More Information: Here.

Sometimes a secret guest is special enough that they can’t be announced. But we can tell you that this comedian has been on 30 Rock, Louie, Letterman, and more!


Sketch Sunday: “Pill Cosby” by Aaron Urist x Sylvan Productions 

Trailer: “No, You’re Drunk”: San Francisco’s Newest, and Most Inebriated Game Show!

There’s no better time than drinking and laughing and winning. And there’s no better hosts than Justin Gomes (whom I’ve seen I’ve seen bomb down San Francisco on a long board, completely bombed out), and Andrew Moore (whom I’ve found sleeping on the SylvanHouse bathroom floor). No, You’re Drunk is a drinking game show that pits the Bay’s best boozer comedians versus a studio audience, every fourth Friday at Pianofight in the theater district of San Francisco.

Essentially, this is one big party, from a group known for partying, as an alternative to all the improv, sketch and stand-up shows, that refuse to be more like a party. If you’re like, I like to party, with people who know how to party, and love to encourage people to party, tell all your party people, or, if you will, your party party, to come party! 

P.S. Look at how party this video is! All the stock footage and kitsch. It’s like they had fun making it.

11/29. Storking Comedy @ Stork Club. 2330 Telegraph Ave. Oakland. 6:30pm-9:00pm. Free. Featuring Andrew Holmgren, Colleen Watson and Ivan Hernandez. Open Mic Sign Ups: 6:00pm. Hosted by OJ Patterson

You are cordially invited to Storking Comedy, a one-of-a-kind comedy show in the heart of downtown Oakland. Hosted by OJ Patterson (no relation), Storking Comedy features amazingly funny local comedians working on their craft. Following each act, an interview with the host provides in depth elaboration coupled with ribbing rapport. 

Our first spotlight performers:

Ivan Hernandez (Spirited, loquacious, enthusiast, “Boars, Gore, and Swords” Podcast)

Colleen Watson (Sarcastic, daring, macabre, San Francisco Punch Line)

Andrew Holmgren (Evergreen, quick-witted, stoner, Get Yucked Up)

Also, accompanying the merrymaking is of course: you. All comedians, hobbyist, amateur or professional, are welcome to participate limited open mic happening from 6:30-8:00pm. Sign-up: 6:00pm. 


Patreon Supported: The wild, boozy, better-than-Netflix, definite-sell-out No, You’re Drunk returns to Pianofight in San Francisco this Friday. $5-$20. 10:30pm. 

It’s a game show by Sylvan Production’s Justin Gomes and Andrew Moore, pitting comedians vs. audience in a series of drinking games and physical challenges. It’s been described as “Holy drunk audience, what a good time” by calasich, and is growing into a can’t miss monthly show. Check out our preview for it here. Grab advanced tickets: here

1/17. Laughing Stock w/ Brendan Lynch @ Gallery & Bar 4N5. 863 Mission St. SF. $5. 7PM (doors). Featuring Eloisa Bravo, Keith D, Melanie O'Brien, Aaron Barrett and hosted by Kollin Holtz. Presented by Sylvan Productions

$5 at the door, but free if you know someone in the show!
Get you and your friends in for $5 total when you come together!
Show your college ID and get in for free.


Drugs - by Sylvan Productions

7/13. PERTINENT! (Improv Game Show) @ Sub/Mission. 2183 Mission. SF. 8pm. $5-10. Featuring Spencer Devine/David Gborie and OJ Patterson/Clare O'Kane with Dan Allenderwest and Amy Miller. Hosted by Justin Gomes. Presented by Sylvan Productions.

Based on the wildly successful game/sketch “Parliamentary Debate” (a la Open Improv fame), Pertinent! Is a hilarious debate show where two teams of specialists, each experts in their individual fields of study and work (aka comedians), debate today’s most pressing and pertinent issues (audience suggestions).

Hosted and Adjudicated by:

Justin Gomes

This weeks featured teams:

David Gborie and Spencer Devine


Clare O'Kane and OJ Patterson

Special Guest Comedians:

Dan Allenderwest

Amy Miller

3/9. Clayton and Gomes: Buddy Cops @ Dark Room Theater. 2263 Mission St. SF. 8PM. $20. A short comical play written and produced by Sylvan Productions. Runs every Friday and Saturday through March 24th. Tickets Available: Here.

Clayton and Gomes (Ash Clayton and Justin Gomes) have been t.v.’s favorite buddy cop duo for over a decade winning two Daytime Emmy’s, and a McGredy for best comedy action show. They’re respected veterans and true masters of their craft, every guy wants to be them and every lady wants to have private lady-and-guy time with ‘em. Consequently, 

The Chief is always giving them the weirdest and most difficult cases. In the season finale, Clayton and Gomes run into their most difficult case yet; an invisible murderer?! One of our favorite characters won’t make it to the end of this one, you don’t want to miss CLAYTON AND GOMES: BUDDY COPS at the DARK ROOM THEATER!

Upcoming Event: 4/10/2011 ~ Tsunamis Aren’t Funny (But We Are) @ The Rickshaw Stop. [Japan benefit show]. 8 PM. $10. Featuring Jabari Davis, Mary Van Note, Caitlin Gill, Kristee Ono, Cory Loykasek, David Gborie, Clare O'Kane, Sylvan Improv and The Front Row. Tickets: Here.

[Deep, rich line-up for a beautiful cause.]


The Rip Currents featuring David Gborie, Andrew Holmgren, Luke Lockfeld, Keith D, and Justin Gomes. 

[Rock and Roll High School is in session.]