KROY - “Hull”

SXSW 2017 - OEB Score: 9; Popularity Index: 3

Pairs Well With…Milk & Bone, The Postal Service, Alice on the Roof

Spending some time off her main gig with Milk & Bone, Camille Poliquin records as KROY, a chance to take her minimal sound deeper into personal and vulnerable territory.  Her latest is Scavenger, the Canadian artist’s second EP, and it’s not just some loose solo project.  These tracks are carefully and fully produced, minimal in name only as notes breathe, played instead of just programmed.  The resulting synth haze is the ideal landing space for KROY’s understated, electronically bare vocals.  She’s an affecting performer, finding honesty in a normally cold, electronic universe.  Pulsating bass and flickering details, see EP highlights “Cold” and “Hull” - KROY understands creating tension even while staying soft, internal and dark.

Klyne - “Water Flow”

SXSW 2017 - OEB Score: 8; Popularity Index: 5

Pairs Well With…Basecamp, The Weeknd, Sam Smith

Electronic R&B duo Klyne confront the softer outreaches of the genre, producing a consistently impressive string of singles since kicking off a year ago.  The Danish outfit takes notes from 90s grooves, especially in their pop-driven vocal hooks, a cool play against their grey tinted, relatively minimal music.  Like Boyz II Men filtered through a wholly contemporary lens, tracks like “Don’t Stop” and “Waiting” bridge the two perspectives so fluidly.  It’d be cheesy if they went even an inch further, but Klyne smartly pull back when needed, best displayed on their latest single “Water Flow”.  Taking a beat that could have been pulled from a Peter Gabriel record, the duo subtly croon the band’s strongest track by a noticeable leap.  Fine trance pulses pepper “Water Flow” with zen precision, hollow-wood percussion giving the electronic track a campfire intimacy.  

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