Even though it doesn’t look that way, Riz Casimir is a (more or less) traditional Swiss dish. It is basically what Swiss people in the 50s thought how ‘exotic’ food is, a (very) mild curry with various ‘exotic’ fruits (bananas, pineapples and peaches mostly) and veal on rice. The dish was first made by the founder of Mövenpick and was on the menu of Mövenpick restaurants since the 50s and is until today a really popular dish for children. Riz Casimir has also a less popular version called Riz Colonial, where fish, raisins and bell peppers are added to the curry

I usually don’t want to add commentary to posts, so I’m just making a new one in reaction to this post here. The original poster has apparently removed the post by now so I’m not sure if I’m restating things that have already been cleared up.

Anyway, the post says that wearing the hijab is banned in Swiss schools. Which is not true

Yes, there has been a lot of debate about it, but court has decided on multiple occasions that women are allowed to wear the hijab to school. Schools have to try to guarantee that they don’t only teach secular material (that is neutral of any religious bias) but that the students are also able to have free religious expression, which does include wearing the hijab of course. 

I’m not saying there is no Islamophobia in Switzerland (because we’re a xenophobic little country and we as a people have strong opinions about our cultural values having to be respected by people who come to live here), I just wanted to clear that fact up.

We’re not the most open minded country, but we do get some things right…

As a source I can offer the relevant entry on humanrights.ch (the article is in German though).

A Swiss village has banned refugees, and decided to pay a £200,000 fine instead
A Swiss village, one of the wealthiest in Europe, has refused to take in its government imposed quota of asylum seekers, voting to pay a fine of £200,000 instead. The residents of Oberwil-Lieli, where there are 300 millionaires among a population of 2,200, voted “no” in a referendum over whether to accept just 10 refugees.